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Teamwork Is Vital for Workplace Safety

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Teamwork, whether between co-workers, sub-contractors, vendors, customers, or anyone else involved in completing a job, means sharing the common goal of accomplishing each task in a professional, timely manner.

However, teamwork doesn’t come into play only for job completion. It is also vital for day-to-day, on-the-job safety. You and your teammates must agree that safety is as important as job completion and should come before any other objectives which might stand in the way. Cutting corners on safety might get the job done faster, but at what cost?

Accidents Happen
What might happen if you or a co-worker experienced a serious accident? Lost income, work delays, additional injuries, or even death? Everyone at the job site relies on each other for all aspects of the project, so working together to promote safety should be built in to each assignment. The natural outcome of watching out for each other can help improve the overall result.

Unsafe conditions need to be resolved immediately, one way or the other. If you can safely correct a dangerous condition, take the initiative to keep your team safe.

Clean up a spill, remove any obstruction, and warn others of a perilous situation. If you can’t safely fix or remove a hazard, report it to someone who can—don’t take chances with your own safety.

Eliminating unsafe conditions cannot only lead to a safer workplace, it shows you care about your co-workers. Once you deal with the risk, discuss the situation with your teammates. Awareness can help keep it from happening again.

Be An Individual and A Team Player
You’re an important part of the team—protect yourself. If others aren’t interested in following safety protocol, because it’s too cumbersome or time-consuming, set the example. Wear the protective gear, follow safety procedures, don’t cut corners. Remember, your family, company, and job all depend on your good health.

When it comes to safety, you can be a team player and an individual at the same time. Sometimes, peer pressure can make you feel silly for doing what’s necessary to protect yourself and others. Do it anyway. Doing the right thing may earn others’ respect, and, at the same time, could just convince them to take additional measures to be safe at work.

Safe@Work is brought to you by Federated Insurance®. This article is for general information and risk prevention purposes only and should not be considered legal, medical, or other expert advice. It is not a guarantee that the risk of loss will be eliminated or reduced. Always consult your personal physician for questions regarding your health concerns. Qualified counsel should be sought regarding questions specific to your circumstances.

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