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ACCA Past Chairman Inducted Into Contracting Business HVAC Hall of Fame

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Stan Johnson, former Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Chairman and founder of the Texas Air Conditioning Contractors of America (TACCA) will be inducted into Contracting Business’ HVAC Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony will take place during the Service World Expo, October 18-21 in Tampa, FL.

Johnson began his career in HVAC in 1972, working with his dad at Stan’s Heating & Air Conditioning (now Stan’s Heating Air & Plumbing). After the Texas oil industry bust hit, then the Texas savings and loan housing crisis of 1986, followed by a great reduction in new housing starts and bankrupt home builders, the company’s new construction work came to a halt.

“We lost other trades, builders, and banks. By then, my dad had left the company, and said to put it into bankruptcy if that’s what you want to do,” said Johnson. Instead, he opted for an extended line of credit, with family members helping out as well. “In 1992, we had paid off the banks and got out of bankruptcy. It took me to 2000 to really get us back into just decent financial condition, but we kept the company going and built the business back.”

Johnson has always been an advocate for the industry, helping to establish licensing in the early 1970s with what would later become TACCA. He continued to run his business while president of TACCA, and also assisted the state of Texas in establishing the licensing department. Johnson also helped to start the Austin chapter of ACCA.

Johnson served on ACCA’s national board for 12 years as chairman and helped to rewrite ACCA’s Manual J® and other energy and comfort-related documents and procedures. Johnson was also a founding member and investor of Service Nation and currently serves as a facilitator of Service Nation Alliance groups and as an Alliance Coach. To read the full Contracting Business article, click here.

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