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IE3 The Week of July 26: Here’s What Happened

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Ringing off the hook. That’s what we all want our phones to be doing. So, what can you do to ensure that is happens? That’s easy according to Brian Kraff of Market Hardware. In fact, he explains four easy things you can do in his latest blog. Read it.

Put the cigarette out! Is that something you can tell your employees? IE3’s legal expert, Brooke Duncan, answers that question in his latest legal toolbox blog. Read it.

Be the next big blogger. OK, I realize that is probably not your goal. However, a blog is important to your business. So, IE3 has some tips for you on how to write the best blogs to help your customers and drive business. Read it.

Do good things and good things will happen. Yes, that is true. In fact, when your company does charity work, not only will you and your employees feel great about yourself and be helping others, it will also give your company some free publicity. IE3 looks at how charity work is a win-win for everyone. Read it.

Wi-Fi is hot! Everything is remote nowadays, so why not your thermostat, too? IE3 looks at why Wi-Fi thermostats are growing in popularity and why offering them to your customers is a great idea to boost revenue. Read it.

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