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Four Easy Ways to Generate More Calls…Today

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Image is everything on the Internet. The web can make big companies look small, and small companies look big. Studying client successes in the HVAC industry across a 10 year span, Market Hardware’s team of experienced web pros has identified four proven strategies to help build and maintain a lead-generating online presence.

Simplify your homepage content— Long paragraphs of essay-style text on your homepage can overwhelm website visitors, prompting them to leave your site. Write with clarity and describe your services in short sentences, or with bullet points. Does a 15-second scan of your homepage clearly indicate what your company does, what separates you from your competitors, and the best way to contact you? If not, a revamp may be needed.

Add photos and affiliations— Photos of you and your staff at work (actual shots of you servicing parts) or team photos help personalize and distinguish your web presence from others, and will keep visitors interested. Listing your affiliations on your site will establish your credibility right away and help ensure a potential customer that they are in good hands. (Don’t forget your ACCA affiliation!)

Use an SEO Partner— If you’ve ever wondered why a competitor shows up higher than you on Google, Bing, or another search engine, it’s because they’ve made themselves more relevant in the eyes of the search engine formulas. They’ve done this by implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into their marketing strategy. SEO allows you to choose your top services and target areas, and optimize your website content accordingly. When a user looks up those keywords and target area combinations, search engines will bring your website to the top of the list because you’ve made the appropriate references to those services on and off your website. By hiring an experienced SEO firm, you can ensure you rank highly for all the right search combinations, before your competitors take up those spots.

Practice Social Media—Today’s consumers are using social media. Most specifically Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Make sure your business is set up on each platform, so that you can connect with both new and existing clients. Social media will give you plenty of opportunities to market your business, provide customer service, and show off samples of your best work. Don’t forget to link to your social media pages from your website (and vice versa). Visitors will be looking for those links, so make sure you’ve got them!

It’s no secret that building a professional website and getting to page one of Google takes time and experience. That’s why it’s important to find a web marketing firm that specializes in your industry, not just a local computer whiz who’s familiar with website design. Take the time to find a company you can trust and who can offer proven results.

Brian Kraff

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