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IE3 The Week of January 31: Here’s What Happened

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Hey, let’s talk. Ever wonder why people struggle with change? It’s because they don’t understand it and don’t agree with it. Frank Besednjak explains how with some clear communication and training, you can get your team on board with changes at your company. Read it.

Get more. Do you really have to spend a ton of money on your marketing? Marketing Guru, Adams Hudson, says you don’t and in fact you can get as good of a return, or a better return on some free publicity. He explains how you can do it in his most recent article. Read it.

Rock the vote. You’re likely already tired of hearing about the 2016 elections, but it is an important one. IE3 looks at why you need to be paying attention to the election and why you need to vote. Read it.

Is this right? Your company vehicles are an important part of servicing your customers and marketing your business. But do you have the right ones to make both these things happen? IE3 takes a look at how you can pick the right vehicles for your business. Read it.

Calculate this. Should the customer pay for overtime? IE3 takes a look at that, and Legal Expert Brooke Duncan explains how to properly calculate overtime in the latest Legal Toolbox. Read it.

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