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Commercial Service Sales Presenting Recommendations

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Have you ever heard of a proposal-presentation “hybrid?” Well let me explain. Once you have moved through this comprehensive, relationship-driven sales process, you are ready to present final recommendations. The use of a proposal-presentation hybrid means that we not only provide contract documents for any project work that is combined with the planned maintenance agreement, but that we compile a set of proposal documents that accompany the contracts and signature documents. We are talking about proposal documents that are almost set up in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or that could be easily included in one. Previously, we talked about the Confirming of Information from the “Building Performance Assessment” and negotiating options that the building owner or manager may have. We are now ready to facilitate the “closing” sales meeting or the stage in the sales process which is the meeting to gain signatures!

The Confirmation-Verification Meeting gives us the ability to negotiate and discuss options without any contract or agreement documents present to distract or take us off point during the discussion. The ability to discuss options and solutions in an information setting is key to this thorough process and prepares us for the meeting to gain agreement, gain signatures, and discuss terms and conditions. The format for the Proposal Presentation Meeting reflects the First Structured Qualifying Meeting needs, hurts, and business objectives in a manner that positions the solution.

Here is that specific format for the Proposal Presentation stage of the sales process and set of documents that would generally will included:

  • Executive summary
  • Maintenance objectives
  • Equipment list (any photos)
  • Recommendations
  • Contract documents
  • Terms and conditions
  • Benefit statements

We want to follow a specific format or agenda as mentioned above, so that we discuss the pain and needs that were uncovered in the First Structured Meeting and throughout the survey or building assessment. We want to make certain that there is documentation related to the business objectives or building management goals that will be incorporated into this proposal presentation “hybrid.” The format or agenda for the meeting and the physical composition of the proposal-presentation hybrid should align completely.

Benefit statements should be listed in an overview in the executive summary, as well as presented in bullet form throughout the document. We continue to remind the prospect, in writing and verbally, that we are “covering all the bases” and “taking their pain away.” The maintenance objectives or list of requirements that we have derived from our interviews and survey (building performance assessment), would accompany the equipment list, photos, and any other recommendations “bundled” with the maintenance agreement. The recommendations section would also include any financial justification discussed in our last article and include the building ownership and operating cost analysis.

The contract documents would follow the recommendations and financial analysis and would also include the terms and conditions, possible information on financing and leasing, and any other safety/compliance information if project work is included with the maintenance agreement. Benefit statements listed in bullet form at the conclusion of the proposal-presentation reminds us to reinforce the reasons why the prospect should be doing business with us!

The presentation of this final proposal and any PowerPoint presentation developed should make this on of the most enjoyable meetings with the prospect, especially if we have “negotiated the deal” during the more informal Confirmation-Verification Meeting discussed in our last article…so have fun! For more information on proposal-presentations, examples, and sample documents please reach out to me or the ACCA. Have fun, close more sales!

James Graening

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