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IE3 Week of August 31: Here’s What Happened

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Do it all! Being a contractor does have to mean that you are just the heating and cooling guy. Diversifying your service offerings can help your business grow and be more profitable. Learn how some contractor winning more customers and staying busy year round by being total service providers. Read it.

Tattooed and working. With many struggling to find quality employees, why would you not hire someone who has a tattoo? That is exactly how contractor Rich Morgan feels. That’s why he says in his latest article, if you don’t want to hire them, send them his way, because he will. Read it.

Don’t discriminate. While it seems to be common sense that you shouldn’t discriminate against anyone, it still happens. In fact, the Department of Labor recently published new guidance about discrimination based on sex. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins has the details. Read it. 

Can you figure it out? The September Tech Challenge is now available. Share it with your team and see who can figure it out first. The answer will be revealed in October. Take the Challenge.

Home performance zone. Bypass ducts in zoned systems aren’t bad if done properly, but that is where the problem lies. Allison Bailes explains why they often aren’t done right and how it hurts a home’s performance. Read it.

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