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IE3 The Week of April 3: Here’s What Happened

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Keep it simple. Are you making processes at your company more difficult than they have to be? Frank Besednjak explains how simplifying things in your company can boost your bottom line. Read it.

Casual Fridays. Most businesses have some sort of dress code. So, IE3 took a look at what you need to consider when you are creating your dress code and enforcing it. Read it.

Promoting with apps. You probably want your team to help promote your business, right? Well IE3 has some app suggestions that will help make this easy for everyone. Read it.

Out of thin air! Is promoting IAQ services worth your time? Adams Hudson explains why you need to be marketing them to boost your bottom line. Read it.

Ruling in favor of employers. Overtime pay is one of the most confusing parts of payroll for many contractors. And recently the Fifth Circuit Court ruled on a case in favor of employers. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins has the details and what it means for business owners. Read it.

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