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10 Apps that Will Get Your Field Techs Promoting Your Business

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About 50% of all purchases (online and offline) are impacted by digital marketing. With that in mind, it becomes vital to amp up your online marketing efforts. However, figuring out how to get your entire team on board is an even better idea. Imagine having your entire staff promoting for you on the fly and how much more effective that can be.

Fortunately, there are a number of apps that can help encourage your techs to get involved. You can either let them choose which ones they want to interact with and assign particular apps and media to particular techs.

About 42% of online marketers feel that Facebook is a vital part of their advertising strategy. Assign one or two of your technicians to post to your Facebook business page throughout the day. You can let the posts take whatever tone you’d like. They can be professional, educational, or humorous. Try to think of posts that others will share to get the most mileage out of the posts.

Rain is an app that allows you to advertise locally to people in a specific area. This can be vital in generating new leads in a specific neighborhood or in small towns. For example, if your technician is on a call in a neighborhood and he believes there may be other homes in the area needing service, he can simply drop a pin to help advertise that your services are available in the area.

Foursquare is another location-based app that will allow you to promote your business on the fly. The social media app has around 20 million users. People can check into locations and share that info with friends on Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter. So, how does this help your business? It encourages others to hire your company as well. How can your techs utilize this app? Quite simply, they can ask customers if they are on Foursquare and to share that they’ve done business with your company.

This is another app that is a great idea to have a couple of your techs install on their phones. Did your tech run into a particularly tricky job? He can ask the customer for permission to share the finished results with the Twittersphere and post a before and after photo. The customer’s address would not be shared, of course, for safety reasons. Also, similar to Facebook, you can take a humorous or education tone with your tweets.

Did you know that your technicians can upload posts via a mobile device to your WordPress blog? Since we know that Google likes a website with fresh content and that fresh content will drive traffic to your website, you would be wise to get your techs involved. Ask them to upload a short informational video or an article about the work your company does.

This app is pretty interesting and could generate leads for you. The way that Quora works is that users ask a question and professionals can answer that question. If your techs have a few extra minutes throughout the day, they could easily open the Quora app and answer a question or two. This could result in new leads for your business. Quora is available both for iPhones and Android devices.

But isn’t Yelp for customers to review businesses? Yes, it certainly is, but where your techs can help out is by interacting with customers. Of course, you’ll need to train them in the correct way to respond. If a customer complains, the tech should notify you immediately and allow you to rectify the situation and then respond. On the other hand, if the customer posts a glowing review, the tech can certain post a quick thank you and that the company appreciates their business.

iMovie makes creating videos simple. Your techs can shoot a short, informational piece, edit and upload it all in one action. Can also create slideshows. These videos can then be uploaded to your company’s YouTube channel. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

AtomPark SMS
Running a last minute special this week? Send out a mass SMS to your customers who’ve signed up for it and let them know if they schedule regular maintenance that they’ll get a discount. One of your techs can easily be put in charge of this, or you can run it directly from the office and simply make your techs aware so they know about the special in their day-to-day dealings with customers.

Business Cards
Business Cards allows you to create a gorgeous digital business card to send to customers. Techs can use this to leave behind a calling card, share info with potential leads they come in contact with and even to trade with other professionals in the industry. You can also use the app to scan other people’s cards.

Marketing is something that requires consistent effort on an ongoing basis. These apps will allow you to tackle the monumental task of spreading the word about your business.

Lori Soard

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