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Happy National Intern Day – Words From a Current ACCA Intern

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My name is Cailynn Adelman and I am a communications intern this summer for ACCA. When first presented with the opportunity to intern for a national HVAC trade association, I didn’t know what to expect. The only time I had ever thought about air conditioning or anything along those lines was when I was dripping with sweat on a hot summer day and was ready to step into my ice-cold house. What really drew me in about this internship was the hands-on and project-based learning opportunities. You can read more about ACCA’s available internships here.

My internship with ACCA has shown me what it is like to do communications and marketing work in the real world while teaching me about this amazing industry. Not only do I now understand the importance of HVAC in daily life, but I can recite the crucial parts of an HVAC unit, how to prevent damage to an HVAC unit during hurricane season, and so much more.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with the technical services department, and directly with ACCA’s President and CEO, Barton James on information needed for articles, press releases, and blog entries. I have also had guidance from ACCA’s Manager of Communications and Strategic Partnerships, Deb Weiner on the necessary steps that go into writing each communication piece. Additionally, I had the opportunity to design and post social media graphics and help launch ACCA’s new HVAC Corner series with Manager of HVACR Education, Matt Akins.

Interning for ACCA has been a great experience. I feel supported and challenged in my work, and the people are amazing. Every person I have worked with has been so kind and willing to help me grow professionally. ACCA is an amazing organization and I am grateful to have this experience.

Cailynn Adelman

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