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Get The Most Out of ACCA: Get Involved!

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What does being a member of ACCA mean to you? Is it gaining access to resources and discounts that come along with membership? Is it the endless networking opportunities that we only get as members? Is it exclusive access to a professional staff eager to help you be more successful?

All these reasons are great, and I hope you are using all of them, but I want to suggest one more great benefit of ACCA membership: Getting Involved.
As members, we have a voice on what ACCA is doing and how resources and programs are developed and run. We need to use that voice, because ACCA is our association.

I got involved in ACCA committees years ago, and I’ve served on many different ones and even chaired a few. Then I joined the ACCA Board of Directors, which has really helped me see how things are run and gives me a chance to share my thoughts on what contractors need from our association to be better at what we do day in and day out. I get more out of ACCA by being involved.

So, how do you get involved? ACCA is always looking for volunteer leaders. That doesn’t mean you have to join the Board (of course if you are interested let us know). We have five great committees that are looking for engaged members, who want to help shape the future of ACCA.

In fact, I am the chair of the Events Committee and we need your help. Here is the purpose of the Events Committee:

If ACCA is going to sponsor, attend, or create an event, this is the committee responsible. The committee will provide the support for the annual conference, fall-forums, regional training events and anything else that they can come up with that will help to support our members and our Industry partners.

We need volunteers to help with these tasks and build events and programs that meet contractors needs. Does this sound like something you want to be a part of? Let me know!

You can email me directly at or email Melissa Broadus, ACCA’s Committee Liaison at

We’re planning our next committee call soon, so join us now, and be a part of growing ACCA.

Brian Stack
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