Author: Brian Stack

Brian Stack is president of Stack Heating & Cooling in Avon, OH, a member of the ACCA Board of Directors, and serves on the Radiant & Hydronics Council Committee.

It’s Time To Reconnect

It’s time to reconnect with ACCA’s Allied Contracting Organizations (ACOs) on the local and state levels – for the betterment […]

2021 The Year We Return To Normal

I’m excited to be the chairman of ACCA and I’m looking forward to my year in office. I’m hoping 2021 is a […]

Get The Most Out of ACCA: Get Involved!

What does being a member of ACCA mean to you? Is it gaining access to resources and discounts that come […]

Radiant System Design

Designing a radiant heating system and installing a radiant heating system are two entirely different processes. Because the transition from […]

Are Your Techs Trained to Troubleshoot “Systems?”

Brian Stack shares how his company built a training room to meet the needs of their technicians.

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