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A Maintenance Plan for Your Business

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We all know that regular maintenance of important home systems ensures system efficiency and extends equipment life. That’s why we give our customers the whole package with Stack’s HVAC Maintenance Program. It puts tune-ups on autopilot and ensures customers have the best possible pricing on services.

Likewise, I know that regular training for every part of my team can help reduce callbacks and liability, while increasing the average ticket size, but it’s hard to find the time, especially with the inconvenience of filing an expense report to pay for each course.

Because of this, I’m excited to get the whole package with ACCA’s new GOLD Membership, which is a part of their new membership tier structure. ACCA’s new membership structure provides the industry with three options for ACCA membership—Bronze, Silver, and Gold. With these new options for membership, I’d like to share how I evaluated the choice between each tier and chose which would work best for my company.

SILVER and GOLD membership both make it easier for my team to access ACCA’s on-demand, live virtual, and in-person training and events by giving half my dues back in ACCA Bucks that Stack Heating, Cooling, & Electric can spend on any ACCA training, event, product, or service. The GOLD tier makes training truly effortless with unlimited access to ACCA’s ComfortU on-demand training.

Our company has invested in an in-house instructor and online training from Interplay Learning, but even with such great tools, basic electricity and A2L refrigerants remain gaps in our curriculum that ACCA’s Qtech courses can fill. More importantly, I can now empower my entire team to take refreshers, fill skill gaps, and earn CEUs in ComfortU with ease.

Of course, we also know that HVAC Maintenance Program customers are more likely to come back to Stack for all their electrical and system upgrade needs. As ACCA’s Board Chair, I also hope you will hire ACCA to do more for your company.

Let’s face it – we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to technical training and business conferences in this industry, but only ACCA training also supports ACCA in fighting for contractor priorities. For example, I’m glad to support ACCA’s mission by shifting to in-house 608 exams as an ACCA proctor.

Another reason to upgrade is that it’s money we’re already spending. Last year, my company spent about $2,400 at ACCA. That makes SILVER membership ($1,800) an easy decision, but I’ve made the choice to step-up and spend a bit more for GOLD ($5,000). I know I’ll be getting deeper discounts, greater convenience, and exclusive recognition opportunities all year long. It’s also a way of giving back to the mission of an organization that has meant so much to the success of our industry and my company.

If you’re interested in stepping up as one of ACCA’s first elite members, please contact Matt Grizzard at 703-824-8854 or to discuss options and set up access for your entire team.

On behalf of the entire ACCA board and staff, thank you for allowing us to do more to support you and your business’s growth.

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