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Finding An SEO Company That Will Make—Not Break—Your Business

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What’s an HVAC business to do when it is time to invest in getting Page One ranking on Google? These simple tips will help!

Know what to expect …

Knowing what to reasonably expect from an SEO firm can make all the difference. And knowing what you want from the firm will help you find the right one.

Start by asking yourself the following questions at the beginning of the process:

  • Do you want to have input on day-to-day SEO operations like keyword selection and city/town prioritization?
  • Are you okay with waiting a few months for significant results (i.e. Page One rank on Google)?
  • Do you want a dedicated point of contact?
  • Will you spend a few hundred dollars per month to focus on just a handful of keywords, or a few thousand per month for an all-encompassing SEO firm?

You should also:

  • Ask for references in your industry. You’ll be amazed how many “bad apples” this will weed out.
  • Ask how to reach them if you have questions. You should have a direct phone number and email address for contacting your provider, and a turnaround time under one business day.
  • Ask what the plan is if your results are not satisfactory. Your SEO provider should work with you to try out new strategies if current ones aren’t working.

Getting to page one on Google is realistic if you’re working with the right firm. But, finding an SEO provider you can trust and who can get you great results while communicating with you can take some research. Look for an SEO partner who takes the time to understand your needs and educate you and you will get the results you deserve.

Brian Kraff

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