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EPA Looks Into Current Air Quality Standards

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it has found evidence to support the tightening of a key air quality standard.


In a new draft policy assessment, the EPA said that scientific evidence, air quality analyses, and the risk assessment for fine particulate matter pollution can, “reasonably be viewed as calling into question the adequacy of the public health protection afforded by the (current) standards.”


Exposure to this type of pollution can result in premature death for people with heart or lung disease, as well as heart attacks, worsened asthma, and decreased lung function.


The EPA’s new draft report specifically cites the potential for additional deaths under the current standards. A similar agency report from January 2020 also questioned the effectiveness of the current standard, which was brought up to this level by the Obama administration in 2012.


To read the full The Hill article, click here.


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