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Corporate Sponsor Spotlight: Scorpion

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ACCA recently spoke with Kirby Oscar, Vice President of Vertical Growth – Home Services at Scorpion, to find out more about what their internet marketing services entail. Scorpion is an ACCA Platinum Corporate Partner.

One of Scorpion’s main goals is to help local businesses thrive. Why is this so important to you as a company? 

Scorpion believes that local service businesses are the heart and soul of our economy, which at the end of the day, means our effort to help them run their best business supports the most critical segment of business in the US. The stories of our customers’ success bleeds through the walls of our offices and that is what helps bring passion to all of our employees to do extraordinary work for our customers.  

Scorpion offers a variety of tools for clients to use. Out of all of them, which are the most useful for those in the HVACR industry? 

We offer the best digital storefront in the HVACR market. We started building phenomenal websites over 20 years ago, and that is still the core of our platform today. The customer experience tools that supplement that are what we’ve focused on the past few years. These tools help our customers who have so much on their plate still deliver incredible customer communication and capture the leads that are so critical to growth in their business. Scorpion’s Communications Suite, attached to our website, is the perfect tool to convert interested customers into paying customers on their terms, whether they prefer communicating via text, phone call, or email. 

A big issue in the HVACR Industry is workforce. How can partnering with Scorpion help local HVACR businesses attract new talent? 

This truly is such an issue for the industry and isn’t getting any better in the near term. That being said, we run several hiring campaigns for our customers and coach them on providing as much local visibility as possible to the benefits of employment. I’ll also note that the first place an employee evaluates a potential employer is the exact spot your potential customers go: your website. We are also focused on supporting training efforts across the market by sponsoring the work of ACCA and several other awareness programs.  

What would you say to HVACR businesses who are wary of implementing the services you provide? 

We’ve been doing this for 20+ years for a reason, and we have figured out how to be amazing partners in growth. We have over 15,000 customers in the local service market and continue to provide unwavering expertise to our customers in the HVACR market. Scorpion’s size allows us to stay ahead of the game, innovating with our Scorpion Advertising product, and most recently, the launch of our AI-driven SEO product, Scorpion Ranking 

Technology is constantly evolving, how does Scorpion keep up with this, and do you have any exciting innovations coming down the pike?  

This is always my favorite question! The main reason I joined Scorpion was because of our investments in R&D. Our team is trying to change the world by enabling local businesses to compete with world-class tools, and in order to fulfill that dream, we must constantly innovate. We launched our AI-driven SEO product, Scorpion Ranking, last year and are seeing an average of over 30% increase in organic traffic to our customers’ websites. This year, we are focused on Scorpion Advertising, and our customers can expect some amazing results from those efforts.  

Why is partnering with ACCA important to your company? 

ACCA is the leading trade association for HVACR advocacy. We can’t think of a better place to put our resources than directly in the hands of industry experts looking out for our customers’ best interests. ACCA’s work to put the right policies in place for our customers nationally is unparalleled. It aligns with our goal of helping local businesses run their best business! 

Kirby Oscar, Vice President of Vertical Growth – Home Services

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