Author: Hilary Atkins

Hilary Atkins is ACCA General Counsel & Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration.

Can Employers Make Vaccines Mandatory in COVID-19?

Question: Things seem to be calming down some, thank goodness, relating to COVID-19 and the avalanche of guidance and regulations and […]

How to Handle Employees and I-9s

Question: ​​I’m interested in hearing how I should handle employees NOT coming to work their first day with form(s) of […]

Do I Need to Accommodate an Obese Employee Under the ADA?

Question: I’ve been interviewing quite a few technicians for one spot open in my company. One of the candidates has a serious weight problem.  […]

Do I Need to Include Mileage?

Question: Do I need to include an amount for mileage on an employee’s W-2 if the employee is allowed to take […]

Can I Reduce an Employee’s Pay for Mistakes?

Question: Help! I have an employee who continually makes mistakes on the job and it is adding up and costing me […]

Do I Have to Pay Overtime If We Use Flat Rate?

Question: I am inquiring about overtime requirements for Flat Rate Pay (i.e. piece meal).  Is overtime supposed to paid to employees […]

Do I Have To Pay Unemployment?

Question: My business is in California, and I need to know how long I have to fire someone before I have […]

What Are My Pregnant Employee’s Rights?

Question: We have a problem that has “blossomed” up at our business.  We hired a dispatcher about a month ago.  When […]

How Long Do We Need to Accommodate An Injured Employee?

e Question: I have an employee who incurred a back strain performing his assigned duties at work – he is […]

Do I Have to Pay Accrued Vacation Time?

Question: If an employee quits prior to using all of their accrued vacation time, am I required to pay them for […]

Do We Need to Notify Our Employees?

Question: We have an employee who was diagnosed with Hepatitis B. Do we have a legal obligation to alert other employees […]

Do I Have To Pay A Salaried Employee For Sick Days?

Question: Can you dock a salaried employee for sick days? Our company doesn’t offer sick leave. Answer: Under U.S. Department of Labor […]

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