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ACCA Chair Martin Hoover Highlights the Value of ACCA with ACHR News

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From mentorship to peer collaboration on business operations, ACCA’s new Board of Directors Chair Martin Hoover has experienced firsthand how an ACCA membership can transform the lives of contractors. 

In March at ACCA 2024 in Orlando, Hoover sat down with Kyle Gargaro from The ACHR News to discuss all things ACCA. During the discussion, Hoover reflected on his journey to chair with ACCA.  

Hoover’s engagement with ACCA kicked off in the 1990s when he joined an ACCA MIX® Group. As his involvement with his MIX® Group evolved, he began serving on the Membership Committee; over time, his involvement expanded with him ultimately finding his way to the ACCA Board of Directors. 

“I’ve had the privilege of working with some great guys during my tenure – Dr. Stephen Pape, Keith Paton, and Brian Stack those are the guys I mentored under and they’ve made a world of difference,” Hoover said. 

Hoover went on to discuss his continued experience with ACCA MIX® Groups, specifically how his group has evolved over the years. Hoover attributes the success of his and his peers’ businesses over the last three decades to participation in the groups. 

Other things Hoover discussed with The ACHR News included recent advocacy wins for ACCA and a look toward the future of what it is like for independent contractors to compete in the ever-changing HVACR industry.  

Listen to the full podcast here. 

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