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What’s the Best Digital Marketing Strategy for HVAC Businesses? The HVAC Marketing Experts at High Level Marketing Break It Down.

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When it comes to your HVAC business, leads are the name of the game. And if you’re like most business owners, you’ve searched Google for things like “fastest way to get more HVAC leads,” “HVAC lead generation,” and “best marketing strategy for HVAC companies.”   

You’ve discovered there are hundreds of digital marketing agencies making big promises about lead generation and you could easily spend thousands of dollars on leads that don’t convert. Not to mention, there’s A LOT of misinformation about what strategies do and don’t generate leads and what methods are the best. 

The Truth About Digital Marketing for HVAC Companies 

You already know there’s stiff competition for new customers. Visibility in a crowded market requires a solid online foundation and digital marketing strategy including a combination of web design, PPC, blogging, social media, review and reputation management, and SEO. The combination that’s best for you depends on the strength of your foundation plus your short-term and long-term goals. 

What to Expect from Your Digital Marketing Investment 

High Level Marketing is in the business of helping HVAC companies grow and maximize revenue for the long haul. Here’s what you need to know before you decide on a digital marketing strategy.                                         

Web Design 

You get one chance to look credible online. You need a fast, responsive website that elevates your brand, engages your visitors, and persuades them to take action. A professionally designed website sets the foundation for your HVAC marketing strategy. 

Biggest Impact: Short Term 

You’re in the business of solving HVAC problems. Homeowners and businesses will find your business through search. You need a professional-looking website designed for conversions. 

ROI: Highest 

Websites are the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts. A smart HVAC marketer will include the web address or link to your website on every piece of marketing content put into the world. A professional website pays for itself year after year. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Visibility for your services is key to growing your HVAC business. A robust SEO strategy with on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and GMB optimization will ensure your company reaches the top of search results and stays there. 

Biggest Impact: Long Term 

SEO increases visibility for your services over time. Once search engines recognize your HVAC business as a trusted authority, your brand will move up in search results. Eventually, if you continue to invest in SEO, you’ll build the credibility and history you need to stay on top. 

ROI: High 

Once your home page and service pages reach the first three positions at the top of HVAC search results, you’ll start getting the lion’s share of clicks just for being on top. 

PPC/Paid Search Advertising 

For some HVAC companies, Paid Search Advertising offers the biggest opportunity to get the most leads. Get in front of customers searching for your service with PPC, Service Ads, and Social Media Ads, then stay in front of those who’ve visited your site with Remarketing. 

Biggest Impact: Short Term 

For new HVAC businesses, home-based HVAC businesses, and seasonal slow-downs, PPC and Paid Social Advertising are crucial to getting to the top of search results fast. 

ROI: Medium 

With PPC, you pay more per lead than other channels, but you also have more flexibility and control over who sees your ads and where. 

Review Building/Reputation Management 

Search engines, like Google, use reviews in their ranking algorithm, making review building and reputation management a critical component for both short and long-term SEO strategies. FYI: HVAC businesses need a minimum of five great reviews for Google to even consider ranking them well. 

Biggest Impact: Short Term 

For people, reading reviews is the first step in deciding to trust your business. No homeowner will trust a 2-star HVAC business when they could have a 5-star one. Responding to both positive and negative reviews is key to optimizing this channel. 

ROI: High 

Asking for reviews and taking the time to respond is practically free. Of course, there are review-building platforms that automate the process taking the pressure off of you and your techs for asking for them. 

Social Media 

Social media marketing keeps your company active on the sites where sharing experiences, recommending local businesses, and sharing information are welcomed. 

Biggest Impact: Long Term 

The value in consistently posting to social media platforms like Facebook is engagement. Engaged customers who find value in your posts will share your content with their networks, turning from a loyal customer into a brand promoter. 

ROI: Medium 

Social media ROI can be hard to determine. Because social media is mainly for promoting your brand, calculating ROI is usually done by measuring engagement. You’ll need a strong content strategy that ties back to your website. 

Blogging/Content Strategy 

Getting visibility for your HVAC company and its services is key to engaging new customers. A website filled with relevant content and blogs that demonstrate your authority, written in an authentic voice will earn you the trust you need to get ranked by search engines. 

Biggest Impact: Long Term 

Once you create content and post it, it’s there until you take it down. The better the content you produce, the more significant the long-term impact it will have. How-to videos and blogs, video testimonials and case studies, and general tips are ideal for HVAC companies. 

ROI: Medium 

Content strategy is important to your overall digital marketing strategy, but it takes time or money to create it. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just purposeful and genuine. 

And One More Thing…HVAC Marketing is Not Just for Lead Generation 

With the current shortage of HVAC technicians, many HVAC businesses are using digital marketing to recruit the qualified technicians. 

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