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What Are You Driving At?

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The name of this feature is Safe@Work, and is meant to address on-the-job risks and hazards. But, perhaps the act of actually getting to work needs to be addressed just as much as worksite safety.

When a routine trip to the jobsite turns into a gamble, because of distracted drivers, priorities need to be examined. You don’t want to be the distracted driver, and you certainly don’t want to be hit by one. But, although distracted drivers can certainly put your well-being at risk, they’re not the only unsafe drivers you may meet on your way to work…

  • The speeder. Some people just like to drive fast. Others find it “necessary” because they’re running late. Poor time management is often the cause.
  • The “auto-pilot.” These drivers are actually distracted drivers, because their minds are everywhere except on driving.
  • The aggressor. Tailgating, cutting in front of others, constantly changing lanes. Their “get out of my way or else” attitude is dangerous.
  • The timid driver. Speed and heavy traffic make them nervous; they sometimes make sudden moves or poor driving decisions.
  • The sleeper. These drivers struggle to stay awake, due either to lack of sleep, getting “hypnotized” by the road, or even from medications.
  • The undecided. Uncertainty often infiltrates their driving decisions, making it difficult for other drivers to anticipate or react safely to their next move.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these? We’ve probably all committed at least one of these driving “offenses” at some point—maybe even two or three at the same time! If you identified with these driver personalities, do your best to:

  • Slow down; allow ample time.
  • Bring yourself back to the present if you get “lost in thought.”
  • Remember, the other drivers are real people with needs just as important as yours.
  • Learn to be more comfortable behind the wheel—unpredictable actions can cause accidents.
  • Never drive when tired—take breaks or stop somewhere for a nap.
  • Pull over if you get lost or confused; use your signals; map your route before you get on the road.

What’s important to you? Your job? Of course! Family and friends? Without a doubt! But what happens to the family, friends, and job if you don’t get to and from work safely? Take a pledge—with your co-workers, loved ones, or just yourself—to get rid of risky driving behaviors and focus on arriving safely. You’ll help yourself and your fellow motorists get home in one piece. And that’s good for everybody!

Safe@Work is brought to you by Federated Insurance®. This article is for general information and recommendations regarding risk prevention only and should not be considered legal or other expert advice. The recommendations presented may help reduce or eliminate the risk of loss, but are not guaranteed to do so. Seek qualified counsel with questions specific to your circumstances. ©2017 Federated Mutual Insurance Company. 

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