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Author: Federated Insurance

Through valued business insurance products and proven risk management strategies, Federated Insurance offers peace of mind to contractors nationwide. Federated Insurance has been an ACCA Corporate Partner since 2009. ACCA’s recommendation of Federated helps ensure that association members receive personalized service, coverages tailored to their individual business needs, and assistance with their risk management efforts.

Has Inflation Left Your Business Underinsured?

Inflation and supply chain issues may lead business owners being underinsured during a disaster. Check out this blog to learn if you’re underinsured.

Is an Annuity an Option You Should Consider?

An annuity is a contract between an individual and a life insurance company that’s used to accumulate savings for a long-term goal. Read this blog to see if an annuity is the right option for you.

Resolve to Reevaluate Your Risk Management Culture

While day-to-day work life is typically safe, taking some time to step back and assess workplace safety is necessary to avoid unwanted injuries. Check out this blog for an Annual Safety Checkup list.

Office Gossip?

Developing a policy regarding office gossip helps keep employee morale high and problems low. Read about controlling office gossip at this blog.

Is Your Business Prepared for an Unexpected Absence?

Does your team know what to do to keep things running smoothly in the event of an absence? Read more about preparing for an absence in this blog.

What Does a Million Dollar Electrical Cord Look Like?

A faulty electrical cord could end up causing millions of dollars of damage. Read how to keep your facility safe with regular maintenance at this blog.

Review Your Coverage During National Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month. Read this blog to see some questions you may consider when reviewing your life insurance.

Planning for the Family Business Transition: “What’s Next”

Passing the business down through family can be a daunting process. Read this blog to learn how to complete the process with ease.

Revisions to Company Policies?

This article originally appeared here. Question When we revise a company policy, can we just send the updated policy to […]

Can You Afford the Loss of a Key Employee?

This article originally appeared here. If you’re like most business owners, you have one or more go-to employees when it […]

Do You Have Your Employee’s Backs – Literally?

This article originally appeared here. \Although the human body can withstand a lot, few things can put an employee on […]

Employee Hygiene Issues Approach?

The Question of the Month is provided by Enquiron®, a company wholly independent from Federated Insurance. Federated provides its clients […]

Help Reduce the Risks of Mobile Device Distraction

Would you ever agree to drive the length of a football field with your eyes closed? Probably not. And yet, […]

Seven Steps to Improve Cybersecurity

This article originally appeared here. Most businesses have a risk management plan in place to cover general physical risks. But […]

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