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Unico Announces Alliance with Ecoer for Matched System Inverter Heat Pump

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ACCA Associate Members, Unico System and Ecoer, have announced a corporate alliance to offer an array of matched products ranging from 1.5-ton to 5.0-ton matched systems.

System performance is guaranteed and offers contractors leading edge technology

Unico System, in conjunction with Ecoer, announced a corporate alliance at last week’s AHR Expo that will offer an inverter heat pump optimized to pair with Unico’s industry-leading small duct air handlers.

Unico, the leading manufacturer of small duct central air and heating systems, and Ecoer, the innovative Virginia-based producer of inverter heat pumps now offer an array of matched products ranging from 1.5-ton to 5.0-ton matched systems. Knowing that ease of proper installation is key to long-term efficient operation, the companies have greatly simplified the installation process. With this increased ease of installation, on-site labor and commissioning time will decrease, providing more profit for contractors. Additionally, contractors can remotely review system performance and recommend any necessary maintenance checks. Both Unico and Ecoer offer warranties of up to 10-years, highlighting the quality built into their equipment to provide long-term carefree comfort for homeowners.

Scott Intagliata, Unico’s chief marketing officer and partner, said, “Both Ecoer and Unico were founded and run by entrepreneurs who are driven to be the best, and this alliance shows that commitment to contractors and homeowners.” Rick Warner, President of Ecoer North America, added that both companies are technology leaders and that the technology is well-aligned between the two companies.

Unico and Ecoer products are available nationwide to contractors through HVAC distributors.

Unico Air Handler

About Unico, Inc.

The Unico System is a small-duct, high-velocity central heating and air conditioning system manufactured by Unico Inc. Ideal for today’s custom-built tight homes, older home retrofits, historic preservation, and commercial applications, the Unico System takes less than one-third the space of traditional HVAC systems and provides better comfort and energy efficiency than its conventional counterparts. Unico is a long-time supporter and partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Unico is an active participant in the following:
• Member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
• Training partner for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Challenge Home helping to shape the future of housing and anticipate how product development efforts dovetail with net-zero energy-ready homes.

Ecoer ESI-Series Inverter Heat Pump

About Ecoer, Inc.

Ecoer is a technology-focused HVAC company headquartered in Fairfax, VA, with a mission of, “Making your home Green and Smart.”

Ecoer integrated advanced IoT smart technology with inverter-driven, high efficiency HVAC systems and launched their first products in 2017. Their products met the benchmarks with efficiencies up to 20 SEER and attaining 100% heating capacity down to 5°F ambient temperatures, sound levels as low as 56 dB, installation requiring only two control wires, and Smart 4G LTE connectivity providing real-time information for monitoring, self-diagnosis, fault predictions, filter change reminders and more.

Ecoer was a Bronze winner of 2020 Dealer Design Award in the “HVAC High Efficiency Residential Equipment” category, and was a finalist in the 2021 AHR Expo Innovations Awards competition.

The Unico System
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