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Be Clear With Expectations

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I’m sure you’ve wondered why an employee develops a performance problem, and how to go about resolving it. In my last video, I mentioned the five reasons why employees don’t perform well. This issue we will focus on number one: The employee has no idea what is expected. This typically happens when there is a lack of communication or goal-setting in the business. The employee may be trying to do a good job, but is not sure how the measurement system works or is confused because he has received conflicting information as to what is considered a good job.

The solution to this problem is to get back to the basics and decide on an overall goal and individual goals for all involved. A business operates successfully when everyone understands the rules of play. Everyone knows the ultimate goal and each person has a specific role to play in order for that to happen. So, make sure everyone on your team completely understands the rules of play and what it takes to win. Not only for themselves individually, but for the whole team.

Frank Besednjak

Posted In: Management

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