Category: Safety

Significant Increases to OSHA Penalties Forecast

OSHA will be raising its penalties for infractions, ACCA hilary Atkins has the details.

Can a Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace Program Affect Your Work Comp Premium?

In the world of workers compensation, managed care is a vastly misunderstood buzz word. In its simplest form, managed care […]

What’s Your Attitude Toward Risk Management?

From the time you were a small child, everyone has been telling you to “Be careful!” You are told to […]

What Causes Accidents?

Accidents happen, so Federated Insurance has some tips to help minimize them.

Power Tools Rule When You Follow Power Tool Rules!

Power tools make your job easier, but if not used properly can cause a lot of harm. Federated Insurance has some tips to keep you safe.

Hand Tools Rule When You Follow Hand Tool Rules!

Using hand tools requires some special safety precautions. Federated Insurance shares some tips for keeping you safe on the job.

Working in Homes Where You May Be Uncomfortable

You team is in your customers’ homes daily and they can come across a variety of situations that may make them uncomfortable. Here are some guidelines for handing them.

A Plug for Electrical Fire Prevention

Sometimes we don’t think about what we are plugging and where, but electrical fires can and will happen. Federated Insurance has some tips to prevent them.

Give Your Electrical Safety Knowledge a Jolt

Working with electrical systems can be dangerous, so it’s important that all workers follow safety procedures. Here are some tips from Federated Insurance.

Water. Rest. Shade. Repeat

It’s dangerous when technicians are working in extremely high temperatures. Learn about OSHA’s renewed safety push for working in the heat.

Beware of Temperature Extremes – HEAT

Extreme heat poses some serious health and safety issues for technicians. Here are some tips to keep them safe this summer while on the job.

Keeping Costs Low When Gas Prices Rise

You can’t control the cost of gas, but you can do things to help reduce consumption. Here are tips for saving cash at the pump, when prices are soaring.

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