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Is It OK to Ventilate a Home with Attic Air?

I’ve seen some crazy things done to homes. It’s usually someone’s attempt to make things better. Sometimes that someone is […]

Making Home Performance Work WITHOUT Rebates

What would happen to your Home Performance business if rebates disappeared?  Are you prepared to generate business and revenue without […]

A Little History of MAD AIR

A lot of discoveries and research work over the past four decades have led to our current understanding of air […]

Manual J Load Calculations vs. Rules of Thumb

We do a lot of heating and air conditioning system design at Energy Vanguard. Alexander Bell, who goes by Andy, […]

Are You Ready for the Final Push?

IE3 looks at what you need to do for a final HP push in 2016.

The Importance of Interstitial Cavities

Alison Bailes explains interstitial cavities.

Why HVAC Contractors Should Be Leading The Way

Contractor Mark Pippin explains why contractors need to take the lead on home performance.

Thriving in Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

Above all else, a contractor is a businessperson. Whether as a sole proprietor or large corporation, the contractor working within […]

5 Types of R-Value

Allison Bailes explains R-values.

Tiny Home Challenges

IE3 looks at the challenges that tiny houses pose for contractors.

Expiring Geothermal Tax Credits: What Will the Industry Do?

IE3 looks at what is happening with the expiring geothermal tax credits.

Tooling up for Home Performance: Part 3 of 3: Optional/Advanced Testing Equipment

Bill Spohn looks at what advanced testing can be done to improve home comfort.

Making Home Performance Work For You

Contractor Dave Schmidt Explains how his company made Home Performance work for them.

Feedback’s Big Impact: Customer Reviews Count

Adams Hudson shares tips for getting and dealing with customer reviews.

Perry’s Nice Crawl Space Surprise

Allison Bailes share the unexpected benefit of encapsulating a crawl space.

Tooling up for Home Performance: Part 2 of 3: Combustion Safety Testing

Bill Spohn explains combustion safety testing.

The Power of the Net Promoter Score For Home Performance Contractors

Energy Circle explains why net promoter scores matter to home performance contractors.

Selling Seasons and Reasons

Marketing Guru, Adams Hudson explains how to make technician selling work.

You Can’t Buy an Air Barrier

Allison Bailes discusses what air barriers really in his latest article.

Tooling up for Home Performance: Part 1 of 3: Manometers

This article is the first in a three part series where we will discuss the types of diagnostic equipment necessary […]

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