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Are You Ready for the Final Push?

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It’s almost October and we’re entering the last quarter of 2016! Are you and your teams prepared to take full advantage of the coming busy fall and winter seasons?

Here are a few tips and areas to focus on to make sure you are doing all you can to reap the bounty of work that will be available to you:

  1. Online Marketing – work closely and consistently with your internet marketing team or company to ensure you have the right content on your web site, so cold and uncomfortable homeowners can find you! At Dr. Energy Saver, we urge our dealers to add as much local content as they possibly can. This is what Google’s algorithms look for…content that closely relates to where the homeowner lives, and what they want to do.
  2. Off-line Marketing – don’t forget traditional ways to generate leads this season; fall home shows, direct mail, neighborhood door tags and using a robust referral strategy are keys ways to augment your internet leads.
  3. Sales – Use your sales meetings to fire up and fuel your sales teams with role-playing, role-playing and MORE role-playing! We continue to see effective role playing as the fastest way to improve your sales results.
  4. Production – Use your production meetings to train your crews to give WOW customer service to customers on your installs. You’ll be amazed at the upselling and referral opportunities that well trained, service oriented install crews can create!
  5. Get ready for the colder weather – As the temperature outside goes down, the need to protect our products goes up! Most of us use spray foam to seal up leaky homes. As a rule of thumb, all foam products should be stored at as close to 80° as possible. Yes, most of them will work just fine at 70°or even lower, but the more you deviate from 80°, the more likely you are to have an issue.

Remember – A couple years ago we had LONG periods of VERY COLD weather, which ultimately lead to shipping embargoes on spray foam. The freight companies would not ship foam during periods of extreme cold as the heated trucks couldn’t keep the temps up….so think about stocking up just in case this happens again.

And one final tip for owners and managers in all Home Performance businesses: Communicate!

You can never have enough communication between you and your teams! Make that extra effort to talk to everyone on your teams as much as possible during this busy season. It is the essential “grease” that will help make the gears of your business machine turn more smoothly and profitably.

Let’s all do the best we can to make the final push of 2016 a fun and profitable one!

Marc Tannenbaum

Posted In: Building Performance, Residential Buildings

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