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Is a Ventless Fireplace More Efficient Than a Condensing Furnace?

One of the primary benefits of an unvented gas fireplace is that you don’t lose any heat up the flue. […]

How To Create A Winning Culture

My Dad was a simple man with simple sayings that were profound.  He always said “the fish stinks from the head […]

The Ideal HVAC System for Multifamily Buildings: Designing for Health, Comfort, and Efficiency

The primary considerations for any HVAC system design should consist of health, comfort and efficiency – probably in that order […]

Let’s Talk About Basements – Common Problems Along with Solutions

When air sealing and insulating a home, you should always give the attic first priority and then go to the […]

Is R-8 Really Enough for Ducts?

If you know a little building science, you’ve no doubt seen a lot of problems that occur with air distribution […]

Ventilating A Home In Cold Weather

When I woke up on a recent Saturday morning, the temperature outdoors was -40 degrees†. The wind chill was -100 […]

Diversification or Diversion

I just returned from ACCA’s IE3 conference in the nation’s capital.  I was struck by how much conversation there was […]

Different Methods to Treating a “Walk Up Attic”

Walk up attics have to be dealt with differently than a normal attic with a hatch. They are different because the […]

What About Adding Home Performance to Your Business Plan?

If you have been ignoring the home performance market, you can use the ANSI/ACCA 12 QH Home Performance and Evaluation […]

The Importance of Addressing Humidification In HVAC/Home Performance Conversation

It continues to amaze me how often we are in a customer’s home as the second, third or fourth opinion […]

The Four Laws of Thermodynamics

Building science is an odd subject. Few colleges and universities teach it. The majority of those who work on buildings […]

When Do Door Undercuts Suffice for Return Air?

Most people don’t know that simply closing a door in their home can make them sick, increase their energy bills, […]

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