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Building Performance

Change As A Culture

There is nothing we want more in business than to find a process or a product that works. What bliss […]

An Easy Retrofit for Return Air

A bedroom really doesn’t aspire to be a balloon. Yet, because of the way the heating and air conditioning system […]

Making Sure Commercial Buildings Perform Optimally with Commissioning — And then Recommissioning

It can be challenging to keep all of the systems of commercial building performing at their best – particularly the […]

Case Study: St. Patrick Catholic Church

Since its inception in 1910, St. Patrick Catholic Church (St. Patrick’s) in Lake Forest, Illinois, has been a place for […]

3 Issues Impacting Homeowner Comfort and Health You Need to Know About

There is an epidemic of people suffering in most of the 100 million homes across the U.S.  Many of your […]

An Air and Moisture Mystery in a Trendy Restaurant

I’ve got the curse, you know. I can’t walk into a building and not check out what’s going on with […]

Case Closed: Ducts Don’t Belong in Unconditioned Attics

About the worst place you can install a duct is up against the roof deck. Dave Roberts, a senior engineer […]

Leaky Ductwork Makes Systems Work Harder

In an earlier article I wrote about proper bathroom ventilation. This time I want to address home performance systems. During […]

How Bad Is Compressed Fiberglass Insulation Really?

I’ve been guilty of perpetuating a myth. Not long ago I wrote an article in which I said, when installing […]

Your Business as a Machine – Part 3

In order to lead and manage your business, you need a way of understanding it; a structure for how it […]

Dominate Your Home Performance Market

These days, it’s not enough for a contractor to just list its HVAC services – a firm can catch more […]

Calculating Friction Rate – It’s Not a Constant

Friction rate is a pretty simple topic. It’s just a straightforward calculation that gives us the design friction rate from […]

Why Your Website Isn’t Selling

Contractors want their websites to sell. Yet, for many, this online avenue for reaching customers falls short of their desires […]

Lower Electric Bills by Considering The Entire Home

To truly maximize savings on electricity bills, a contractor must take the blinders off. Instead of focusing on just the […]

Your Business as a Machine – Part 2

In order to lead and manage your business, you need a way of understanding it; a structure for how it […]

The New Code Requirements for Buried Ducts

Two articles ago, I wrote about what can happen when you bury ducts in attic insulation. The Home Innovations Research […]

It Still Regularly Amazes Me

“Service” is a noun, a verb and a calling. If you believe that last one, there’s a hidden version of […]

The “V” in HVAC: Ventilation and Your Health – Proper Bathroom Ventilation

Over the coming months, I plan to address several aspects of HVAC. Today, I want to focus on the “V” […]

The Home Performance Forum Has Launched!

The Internet age has made it easy to find information. Occasionally you can find some that’s even true. That’s where […]

Your Business As A Machine – Part 1

In order to make sense of, lead, and manage your business, you need a way of understanding it; a structure […]

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