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Building Performance

Case Study: Controlling Humidity in Affordable Multi-Family Housing for Health, Comfort and Property Protection

The following is the last article in a three-part series addressing mold and moisture control in multi-family housing.  The first […]

HVAC Design Is About More Than Equipment Sizing

Many people seem to think HVAC design means you get a load calculation (Manual J in the ACCA protocols) so […]

Case Study: Preventing Mold and Moisture Issues in Senior Housing

The following is the second article in a three-part series addressing mold and moisture control in multi-family housing.  The first […]

Making Homes Healthier for Families

Imagine that you are faced with a choice: a home you could afford, or a home that is healthy for […]

The Physics of Heat and Air Flow

Heating and cooling loads matter. That’s why we do load calculations. We enter all the details of the building, set […]

Is a Ventless Fireplace More Efficient Than a Condensing Furnace?

One of the primary benefits of an unvented gas fireplace is that you don’t lose any heat up the flue. […]

How To Create A Winning Culture

My Dad was a simple man with simple sayings that were profound.  He always said “the fish stinks from the head […]

The Ideal HVAC System for Multifamily Buildings: Designing for Health, Comfort, and Efficiency

The primary considerations for any HVAC system design should consist of health, comfort and efficiency – probably in that order […]

Let’s Talk About Basements – Common Problems Along with Solutions

When air sealing and insulating a home, you should always give the attic first priority and then go to the […]

Is R-8 Really Enough for Ducts?

If you know a little building science, you’ve no doubt seen a lot of problems that occur with air distribution […]

Ventilating A Home In Cold Weather

When I woke up on a recent Saturday morning, the temperature outdoors was -40 degrees†. The wind chill was -100 […]

Diversification or Diversion

I just returned from ACCA’s IE3 conference in the nation’s capital.  I was struck by how much conversation there was […]

Different Methods to Treating a “Walk Up Attic”

Walk up attics have to be dealt with differently than a normal attic with a hatch. They are different because the […]

What About Adding Home Performance to Your Business Plan?

If you have been ignoring the home performance market, you can use the ANSI/ACCA 12 QH Home Performance and Evaluation […]

The Importance of Addressing Humidification In HVAC/Home Performance Conversation

It continues to amaze me how often we are in a customer’s home as the second, third or fourth opinion […]

The Four Laws of Thermodynamics

Building science is an odd subject. Few colleges and universities teach it. The majority of those who work on buildings […]

When Do Door Undercuts Suffice for Return Air?

Most people don’t know that simply closing a door in their home can make them sick, increase their energy bills, […]

Why Aren’t You Offering Air Sealing and Insulation?

Over the past several years, HVAC contractors have been enticed to enter the Home Performance industry.  This push has come […]

The Case for Comfort Over Energy Savings in Evaluating Home Performance Improvements

When it comes to home performance there is too much talk about energy savings and not enough about comfort. Contractor Kathe Stewart explains.

Equipment Size, Ducts, and Building Envelope…Oh My!

What do these three have In common? ∙Equipment Size ∙Ducts ∙Building Envelope For HVAC contractors, everything. However, they are actually […]

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