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The Right Filter – Don’t Guess at Pressure Drop

In Manual D®, the duct design process has you fill out a friction rate worksheet. In step two, you are required to record component losses. Filters count as one of those losses. So, are you looking up the pressure drop of the filters you are using? If not, it could be the cause of many systems having insufficient airflow.

Working in the Heat Safely

Summer is in full force, and HVAC field staff are working hard to keep clients cool. Working in the heat comes with its own set of health and safety issues, which is why taking the necessary safety precautions is so important. Continue reading for tips and tricks for working in the heat.

Troubleshooting a Duct System with ACCA’s Duct Slide Rule®

Hot rooms and cold rooms are a real opportunity for your techs because when the issue is fixed, the customer is more comfortable and you’re a hero. To do it right is not easy, but being a hero isn’t easy either.

How do we tell an employee who’s applied for a promotion that they are not up to the task?

An employee asks for a promotion, but you feel they are not up to the task. Brooke Duncan, ACCA legal consultant, shares the best way to turn them down.

The Unfair Advantage

ACCA, in collaboration with measureQuick®, will provide technicians with an advantage over the competition by issuing Quality Installation certificates right in the app. measureQuick is the only app that can effortlessly collect measurements from multiple brands of Bluetooth® tools, aggregate the data, diagnose faults, and analyze system performance.

Summer’s On Fire, Yo

Looks like it’s going to be a hot one almost everywhere, (Pacific Northwest…you catch a break this year). Keep your installers and techs safe, and keep an eye on your inventory (in the south, it’s okay to sell out of the low-efficiency equipment, and don’t restock it! Don’t forget regional standards).

What’s the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees?

Determining which employees are exempt versus non-exempt–meaning exempt from minimum wage and overtime, or non-exempt, meaning minimum wage and overtime are required–is tricky and potentially expensive if we get it wrong. This brief article helps contractors understand the difference and avoid needless legal entanglements.

Congressman Beyer Introduces Air Ventilation Legislation

Congressman Don Beyer (D-VA) introduced the Airborne Act, which incentivizes non-residential building owners to conduct indoor air quality assessments (IAQ) and upgrade their ventilation and air filtration systems.

EPA Lawsuit Update, Help Stop the Ban

The EPA is moving to ban disposable cylinders under the AIM Act. Late last year ACCA partnered with fellow HVACR industry associations Heating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) and Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) in filing a petition to overturn the EPA’s ban. That litigation is moving forward.

Workforce, Career and Technical Education on Top of Governors’ Minds

In a recent publication, the Education Commission of the States analyzed the “State of the State” addresses of 44 governors to find out what issues they care about the most. The group found that 34 governors highlighted workforce development and career and technical education (CTE) as top priorities.

Give Me Static!

This introduction to static pressure discusses the basic elements of vital measurements and how they can be used. You can quickly identify HVACR equipment in new or like-new condition with airflow problems. This can save you a warranty call for a burned-out motor or maybe a callback for a poorly performing duct system (or incorrect fan speed setting).

Practice What You Preach – HVAC Inspection & Maintenance

Being consistent in your brand builds trust and improves efficiency. Consistency is essential, especially when running your maintenance calls for your clients. It’s critical that you establish trust with clients, which can lead to better customer service, improved client relations, and less customer churn. This article discusses the importance of consistency when performing HVAC maintenance and some things you can do to build better consistency.

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