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Tips For Tornado Safety

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One thing we can probably all agree on is that Mother Nature is never boring. A sunny spring day can disintegrate into a horrifying situation a few hours later when tornadoes develop. It goes without saying that severe weather can have dire effects on people, places, and things. A devil-may-care attitude toward severe weather serves no one. Getting serious about tornado safety just may keep you off the statistics list.

Know the Danger
Some areas of the United States are clearly at higher risk for tornadoes than others. Learn the risk level for your area, but never assume you’re entirely safe if the incident rate is historically low. You are vulnerable anywhere whenever severe weather is forecast.

Don’t Wait for the Siren
Great advances have been made in tornado prediction and warnings; however, don’t rely solely on early warning systems to give you enough advance notice to protect yourself. Plus, if you’re in an area that doesn’t have an alert system, it’s up to you to know when to take shelter. Learn the difference between a tornado watch and warning. Monitor a local radio station. Be alert for weather clues. Have a plan in place so you can drop everything if you need to take shelter immediately.

Identify Nearest “Safe” Room
Wherever you are, take time before the storm hits to locate the closest structure or room that would afford the most protection. A basement is best. If there is no basement, find a solid, interior room on the lowest level, away from windows.

Ditch Your Vehicle
If you’re driving and see a tornado, head for a nearby sturdy building. If there are no buildings, get out of and away from your vehicle and lie down in a ditch.

After the Storm
Stay away from fallen power lines, broken utility lines, and damaged buildings, and areas. Reserve phone use for emergencies only.

When it comes to severe weather, advance preparation can be a life saver. Your life saver.

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