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The Three Biggest Myths About Operating A Successful Commercial HVAC Business

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If you want to build a profitable commercial HVAC business without staying too small and having to do everything yourself then you need to read this immediately, because the myths and the TRUTH about successful commercial HVAC business are inside.

Myth #1: Good Technicians and Team Members Are Hard to Find

Why is this not true?

The thought that high quality team members are hard to find hurts you, because once you let those type of negative thoughts enter your mind, you start to put up walls around your options.

What is the reality instead?

You wouldn’t think a custodian or a restaurant maintenance guy would be obvious choices for your next HVAC technician, but those are now two of our strongest team members at Del-Air Mechanical. You see, the successful contractor is not complaining about how hard it is to find good technician, they focus on hiring good people who are already hard workers and train them to be great technicians.

The reality in this situation is there are great potential team members everywhere. Many of them are not already in our field, but we interact with them in other ways. For instance, if you are looking for a dispatcher or sales person, they don’t already need a wealth of industry knowledge to be successful. That is information that can be easily taught.

What can’t be easily taught? Personality and the traits a person needs to be able to interact better with customers, other team members, and leaders. An individual with a strong logistics type of mind with experience possible in another field may be very trainable. They don’t even need to know how to turn on an air conditioner to efficiently dispatch technicians.

Myth #2: You Must Have All the Answers

Why is this not true?

Believing you must have all the answers hurts you, because it can hold you back and prevent you from taking the actions necessary to grow to your next level.

What is the reality instead?

The reality in this situation is even the most successful business owners don’t know everything – and the smartest ones happily admit it! The key is to hire people with the skills that fill the gaps in the areas where you are weak and allow them to propel the company forward. Even though one of my strengths is to evaluate processes and know immediately what is needed, one of my weaknesses is writing up those procedures and processes. That’s why I have an excellent admin, who can take my thoughts and put them into a form everyone else can understand.

Additionally, the absolute best way to be successful is to build a network of other HVAC contractors that will share with you their own lessons and help you avoid the pitfalls they have already experienced. I personally joined an ACCA Mix Group with members from other areas of the country that are willing to share their many years of knowledge. This was a pivotal point in growth and efficiency for me as the member of the group serve the role of both consultant and coach.

Myth #3: There’s Not Enough Business to Go Around

Why is this not true?

In the current economy, the thought that there’s not enough business to go around is false. There is such an abundance of activity and needs, that a contractor who performs at a high level will have more work than they thought possible.

What is the reality instead?

The reality in this situation is business is abundant! Around every corner, on every rooftop there is commercial HVAC equipment. This equipment and these customers need our help – YOUR help! Our professional guidance can help reduce the energy consumption of their facility, increase the lifecycle of their HVAC equipment, and provide a better atmosphere for their customers and employees. Additionally, there is a multitude of ways to make contact with those potential new customers, some of which cost almost no money and simply take energy and action.

Now that you know the myths, I challenge you to become a “Myth Buster”!

I’d like to invite you to become more open to the reality of the topics discussed in this article and reach out to others both within our industry and in other industries for ideas and inspiration. I would also urge you to take advantage of the ACCA Mix Group program by joining a group of your peers and collaborate on best practices and business efficiencies.

Tony Yanniello

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