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The Future of Heat Pumps

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Manufacturers see a strong market ahead for heat pumps, although some challenges still remain. As technology and consumer awareness and opinions continue to improve, both ducted and ductless heat pumps have experienced significant year-over-year growth.

The reasons behind this growth include the decarbonization push and changing building requirements, and this is just the beginning. The latest heat pump advancements have been to the control boards and variable capacity compressors applied to units to reach the recent cold-climate requirements adopted across the United States. The increase in variable-capacity usage has led to greater access to higher-efficiency options at competitive price points, thus boosting homeowner adoption.

While almost 70% of homeowners use electricity as their primary fuel source for cooling and heating homes, less than 20% have recently purchased a heat pump to use as the primary source for cooling their home. Despite this, there has been significant growth in customer interest in heat pumps, which could soon cross over into higher heat pump sales as well.

Another factor driving heat pump adoption and awareness is the popularity of remote work. Consumers spending their workday at home now have a front row seat for the pros and cons of their current HVAC systems.

To read the full ACHR NEWS article and learn more about the future of heat pumps, click here.


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