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Success Story: Service Contractor Grows Sales & Improves Profitability with Mobile Inventory Management

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As service contractor companies grow, managing inventory often becomes a major challenge. Keeping tabs on inventory in various warehouses, trucks and storerooms becomes nearly impossible without an effective inventory management system. In fact, many contractors struggle with the tell-tale signs of a broken inventory management system — missing and obsolete inventory or unclear material costs — while simultaneously experiencing company growth.

Such was the case for Aux Home Services, a provider of heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical services based in Birmingham, Alabama. While experiencing rapid company growth, AUX Home Services found it increasingly challenging to manage inventory for each technician and truck on the road. The more technicians on staff, the more difficult it was to manage and control inventory and maintain desired profit margins. Operations that ran well when the company was smaller were suddenly inefficient and costing the company substantially.

AUX Home Services General Manager Michael Fox estimated that if the company retained their previous inventory management system, it stood to lose a potential $12,000 per day in revenue. These losses were associated with decreased technician productivity, fewer completed jobs and more time searching for supplies. They reached out to MarginPoint to help them optimize inventory processes and reduce their overall inventory carrying costs.

MarginPoint streamlined AUX’s inventory processes with a single integrated solution. The solution enabled their technicians to complete more jobs in less time and serve more customers effectively. After just two years of using MarginPoint Mobile Inventory, AUX reported increased revenue from more time on jobs, increased customer satisfaction, as well as cost savings from reduced purchasing and properly stocked inventory. The solution cut inventory costs significantly by allowing the company to replenish materials based on actual usage and sales demand.

Since implementing MarginPoint’s Mobile Inventory management solution, Fox says, “We can serve more customers more quickly and more efficiently.”

MarginPoint is the ideal solution for service contractors looking to increase profit, minimize over-purchasing and cut down on time spent looking for supplies. Their cloud-based mobile solution is user-friendly, secure and can be used on iOS or Android devices for real-time inventory visibility, automated replenishment with all suppliers and material usage tracking down to the customer, technician and job levels.

Read the full case study on AUX Home Services and find out more about how they are saving money with MarginPoint Mobile Inventory.

Scott Berlin

Posted In: Technology, Vehicles & Fleets

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