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Sponsored Content: A New Hand Truck is Lifting the Industry One Step at a Time

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Throughout the years, hand trucks have remained a stagnant, yet important part of doing business for your customers. Everyone has one, everyone uses one and there’s not been much more to say on this, until now when a small family company completely changed the functionality with their stair climbing folding hand truck, the UpCart® Lift. There was nothing out there that addressed the difficulties that come with having to transport items up and down stairs and over rough terrain. Not to mention, the strain on your back moving and lifting large items up and down to complete a job. Companies such as Magnacart and Cosco have long used hand trucks as a big part of their business for contractors, but this new contender is literally stepping up the industry by changing the entire concept of how hand trucks could be used on the job.

“We started with our line of hand carts which were perfect for consumers, but we knew there was a need for a hand truck that helps reduce the back strain on people who are professionals. Everyday coming in and out of homes up and down the stairs with heavy equipment is a hard job, our goal is to make this easier. We have definitely accomplished this with the UpCart Lift.” –Michael Reznik | UpCart® CEO.

The UpCart® Lift launched mid 2017 with its revolutionary six-wheel design and patented folding technology. They literally “Lifted” the hand truck industry by providing professionals with an affordable hand truck that can go up and down stairs and over rough terrain. The Lift can carry up to 17x its own weight and is built for maximum productivity that hold up to the rigors of modern life and tough jobs. Yet, this hand truck is light weight at 11.35 lbs and easy to maneuver. Better yet, it folds down to 4.76” flat for easy storage. This has innumerably changed the way contractors are able to use the hand truck. By giving the cart the non-marking wheels that ease the resistance up and down stairs, now professionals can more easily transport items such as air conditioners, equipment, tools and such without the constant strain on their backs.

“This hand truck has changed the entire way I am able to deliver packages. I never have to worry about lugging boxes up stairs to someone’s apartment. Just put it on the UpCart® Lift and walk on up.” – Dustin | FedEx Delivery Driver.                             

This new concept of a folding hand truck has antiquated the standard folding hand truck in numerous ways. First the ability to have a stair climbing all terrain truck versus the standard two wheeled hand truck speaks for itself. The UpCart® Lift will ease resistance up and down stairs by up to 64%. This makes the jobs that were cumbersome for two people now able to be done by one. Another impressive distinction from the standard hand truck is the handle. The telescopic handle of the Lift is much longer than standard folding hand trucks. Fully extended, it is up to 50” in height. It also has four handle height options depending on the job with large easy to hold grips. This makes the UpCart® Lift the new standard for folding hand trucks.

“Our company’s mission is to save our customers backs one stair at a time. Our UpCart® line of products and accessories are all focused on functionality, ease of use and reducing effort.  We saw the need in the marketplace for this and our customers call us all the time to thank us for helping make their lives easier. That’s something to be very proud of.” – Michael Reznik | UpCart CEO.

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