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Sponsored Content: Don’t Sell Products, Sell Perfect Air

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If you want your business to succeed, you have to sell products to your customers – it’s just that easy. But what if you moved away from selling products and focused instead on asking the homeowner how they want to feel in their home. Shifting your sales philosophy from selling products and features to selling perfect air provides ample opportunities to be successful and exceed customers’ expectations.

At Lennox, we believe everyone deserves perfect air. It’s not just about the air we breathe, it’s about the air we are living. It has a profound impact on how we feel. But what does it mean to sell perfect air? It means connecting and listening to your customers’ needs and wants in order to deliver effective solutions to their problems. By doing this, you can create perfect air and thus make them feel more comfortable in their homes.

When speaking to a homeowner, fancy product descriptions full of technical terms can go way over their heads. Instead of asking them what products they want, ask them how they want to feel in their home. Then direct them to the Lennox® line that delivers those features and benefits. But, if you sell them a Lennox unit with a temperature swing of one degree, that provides their personal degree of perfect air.

When it comes to talking to a homeowner about how they want to feel in their home, ask them about:

  • Do you have hot/cold spots in your home or temperature swings from room to room?
  • Will your system be by a bedroom window?
  • Does anyone in your family deal with allergies?
  • Temperature and temperature swings
  • Too much or too little humidity
  • Ventilation
  • Dust, germs, and other indoor air quality topics

Listening is just as important as selling when you’re with a customer in their home. To be an effective listener, you should be listening nearly 70 percent of the time and speaking only 30 percent of the time. Salespeople often think they need to carry the conversation when actually they need to give the homeowner an opportunity to do the talking.

Not sure where to start? Ask questions to get the conversation moving. A good place to start is with something most homeowners are familiar with indoor air quality and allergies. Ask if anyone in their family suffers from allergies and then expand the conversation to see if they’re seasonal or year-round. Once you take the time to understand the homeowner and their needs, you’ll be able to pinpoint the Lennox® products to include in your pitch to the customer, explaining it in terms they can understand and that are relative to their personal degree of perfect air.

It’s all about being in tune with the customer’s wants and needs and demonstrating that you’re there to help them be more comfortable, not just to earn a sale.

Ready to take your skills to the next level? Become a master in selling comfort with Lennox’ HVAC Learning Solutions’ classes and online training resources. Visit to learn more and enroll today.

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