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How do you dramatically improve your online customer experience and also make it even easier for new customers to schedule appointments?

Online chat is becoming the most effective tool to ensure you can maximize your ROI on all forms of advertisement and provide the best service to your existing customer base. There are many options when considering online chat and the following will break those down and why or why not to choose them.

Doing it yourself: This is absolutely an option. However, it’s both costly and not the most effective use of your overhead resources. Typically, the person that would be chatting for your company is one of your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). The problem is that your CSR might only get 0-2 chats an hour, and each one of those chat engagements might only last five minutes. So you’ve effectively only utilized that CSR 0-10 minutes of the hour. And unfortunately, if you are chatting, you cannot multitask, leaving multiple customers hanging when they thought someone was there to respond. Lastly, trying to chat 24/7 in house would be extraordinarily costly. A $12/hr Customer Service Rep for 24/7 service in-house would cost you over $10,000/month with burden.

Using a Digital Marketing Outsourced Service: These come in many different forms and they typically advertise at a low cost. It might only be $10-25/ lead. However, these services are typically outsourced overseas and/or contracted to people working from home. The person chatting will not know your business or industry, doesn’t know what services you provide, and most importantly, they don’t show empathy for your future and current customer’s issue. They copy and paste scripts from an FAQ document and their only objective is to get a name and a phone number or email address. From there, it’s your responsibility to call this customer or email them and find out what is going on. These services are cheap because they provide a low-quality product that only has a function of gathering contact information, not helping your customers.

HomeServicesChats: We are a one of a kind service. We provide live chat services 24/7 as if you were doing it yourself, and we do it specifically for residential service companies. We work vigorously to train our chatters how residential service companies operate, the value of the lead, the services you provide, and most importantly, we provide empathy. We don’t just provide leads, we provide customers. Our goal is to decrease bounce-rate on your site by engaging your customers in meaningful empathy-based conversations and providing loyal customers. You’ve spent a lot of money getting that customer to your website so you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best if you are interested in providing the world’s best customer experience!

HomeServiceChats clients report on average 40% more leads after adding our chat. If we start a conversation with everyone that comes to the site then we can capture some of the traffic that may have left! We immediately warm transfer all leads into the office via phone call too.

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