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Site Safety – Part 2

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In the last Safe@Work article, jobsite safety was discussed, and tips were offered to help ensure worker  safety on construction projects. This is the second part of this two-part series. Part 1 discussed barricades, tools, walkways, housekeeping, excavations, and above-ground work. Part 2 calls attention to more potential worksite hazards, and suggests precautionary actions to reinforce safety at your next construction site.

#1 Electricity:
Electrical safety should be on everyone’s mind. Shut off electrical power sources not necessary for construction. Be sure live wires are properly insulated, and have notification warnings posted. Be sure crane operators and employees working on scaffolds or in aerial baskets know where overhead lines are located.

#2 Fires:
Take extra precautions wherever welding is being done. Watch for live wires contacting debris. Employees should be continually trained in fire safety and prevention.

#3 Personal Protective Equipment:
Figure out what’s necessary and why. Determine when it should be used, then be sure it is. Let employees know how to obtain it.

#4 First Aid Kits and Fire Extinguishers:
Where are they? Do employees understand their use?

#5 Alcohol and Drugs:
Create, communicate, and uphold a company policy.

#6 Process Safety:
Address the unique hazards on each job, and inform employees how their work may be affected. Special permits may need to be acquired for certain activities.

#7 Confined Spaces:
Precautions for employee safety need to be in place if there is a potential for a hazardous atmosphere, employee engulfment or entrapment, or asphyxiation.

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