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Why Your Site Needs Infographics and How to Create Your Own

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A vital part of your website marketing plan is data visualization. The Internet is a very visual medium, after all. According to an Infographic at Top Marketing Schools , a single infographic has the potential to reach around 15 million people. Of course, not all of those people will be interested in your particular service or skill set, but those statistics show just how power a visual medium in marketing can be.

Reasons to Add Infographics to Your Site
There are many valid reasons to add infographics to your website. One of the top reasons is the way that people process information. German Wegbrait, Creative Director for Impress Labs shared, “In addition to having positive SEO effects, infographics are a great way to distill complex information into easily digestible visual stories. We are inundated with more and more data every day. Visualization tools like infographics are becoming critical in communicating complex stories. With the continued growth of social media, these types of assets are critical to engage with your audience and generate traffic. “

Use infographics to:

  • Create backlinks and improve your website SEO. Wegbrait advises, “When creating an infographic, you want to include an embed code so people can easily place your content on their website while generating a backlink at the same time.”
  • Give your readers a break from all text all the time by breaking down complex ideas into digestible bits.
  • According to Impress Labs, people share infographics across social media more than all other types of content, including videos. Adding an infographic can help you increase social media shares.

The key to a successful infographic for a service business is finding a topic your readers want to know more about and sharing all the complex details with images, graphics, and some text.

How to Create Your Own Infographic
One thing that might have held you back from creating an infographic for your site is that you aren’t quite sure how to go about it and the thought of hiring someone seems out of your budget. And you’re probably aware that a bad infographic will reflect negatively on your company. “The main point of an infographic is to distill complex data into a visually interesting story. If an infographic doesn’t tell a compelling story or simplify a complex topic, then it has failed to do its job. This can turn good research into poor communication and reflect negatively on the design team,” said Wegbrait.

However, you can easily create a simple infographic that won’t cost you a fortune or look unprofessional.

Although there is a small monthly fee to use Piktochart, you can create multiple infographics and publish them at different times. They offer a monthly pro package that runs only $29/month and allows you to try out 1000s of different graphics and over 100 themes to come up with a unique look for your visual data. If you love the tool and plan to create a lot of different infographics, then you can sign up for the year and save about 50%.

Instant Infographic Wizard
Instant Infographic Wizard is reasonably priced software that allows you to create simple infographics even without any design or coding experience. You can buy the software for $17, which comes complete with dozens of templates and a simple drag and drop editor. You won’t have a monthly fee with this one, but you also will have fewer templates and graphics to work with.

In addition to allowing you to create a unique infographic with beautiful images, Canva can be used to create ads, social media banners, and more. Choose from a wide selection of layouts and change graphics, colors, and info in a WYSIWYG environment. There are no monthly fees to use Canva. Simply sign up and if you use their images, you pay $1.00 each for different elements (some are free). However, you also have the option to upload your own images and graphics to save a little money.

Unless you have extensive design experience, it is best to stick with an infographic wizard to create engaging visual data. Your customers will appreciate the break from text content and just may share your infographic, helping you reach more leads. At a minimum, the infographic should help your site rank better in search engines.

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