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See Each Employee’s Worth

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What would happen if a valuable team member was gone today? Are you creating the positions for the right people or trying to fit people into preconceived positions? Ultimately, the way you define your business shows intrinsic value and compensation where it matters most.

At ACCA 2023 Conference & Expo, April 2-5 in New Orleans, LA, Josh Vanderplate of Vertex Mechanical, Inc., Stevens, PA, will present “See Each Employee’s Worth.” In this session, Josh will discuss:

  • The value of a robust employee retention plan that includes personal improvement plans.
  • How team mapping provides a unique view into the value of roles and provides a new way to process compensation agreements for each team member.
  • How to evaluate the pain thresholds in your business and the impact each team member has on departments and leaders.
  • The cost of losing a good employee.



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