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Matt, What Is Invoice Coaching?

In this edition of "HVAC Skill Builder," Matt discusses what invoice coaching is

Matt, what is invoice coaching? Invoice coaching is where the service manager, general manager goes and looks at the technician's calls from the day before. Most companies are on some type of digital platform for dispatching and that manager can go back and read all the notes in there. However, for companies that do not have a digital platform, you're going to have to read the paper invoices and once you find a deficiency, then, you need to have that conversation with the technician. For example, you notice a technician did not collect payment on the service call that he or she was just at or the technician didn't make any recommendations at the service call he or she was at and it's going to be the responsibility of that manager to help that technician grow and start documenting this invoices properly and help coach them along as they develop into their career to be a successful and a less liability to that company and to themselves.

Matt Akins is the Manager of HVACR Technical Education at ACCA.

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