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RYNO Strategic Solutions Gets To The Point With ACCA

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ACCA has a long history of partnering with marketing companies, but none have come on the scene with as much enthusiasm and excitement as RYNO Strategic Solutions. The team is full of big personalities, and once you meet them, you keep wanting more. So, it’s not surprising that they work with some of the best contractors in the country, including both of ACCA’s 2021 Contractors of the Year: Rosenberg Indoor Comfort in San Antonio, TX, and HB McClure Company in Harrisburg, PA. ACCA spoke with RYNO Strategic Solutions CEO Chris Yano to learn a little more about why the team at RYNO is choosing to invest in HVACR contractors and ACCA.  

Tell us a little bit about RYNO’s To The Point podcast, and why you felt that the HVACR industry needed it? 

We created the podcast with one main goal in mind, give contractors actionable takeaways to improve their companies immediately and in the future. We accomplished this by bringing on industry leaders to help the listeners learn some tactics and insights they could implement in their companies right away or to avoid future pitfalls. In a nutshell, they get to learn weekly from some of the best minds in the industry about marketing, operations, sales, recruiting, and company culture. 

What are your plans for the future of the To The Point podcast? 

More of the same. The guests are the key ingredient to the value of this podcast. We will continue to listen to our audience requests as well as bring on industry leaders to share specific details on how they have grown and changed their business to help them improve. 

RYNO is known for its emphasis on community service. Why is philanthropy so important to your team? 

Doing good IS good business. Giving back is a core value of RYNO. We do not just talk about it; we are all about it. When you give back as a team, you bond with one another. The closer you are with your teammates, the harder you fight for one another, thus giving our customers the absolute best possible outcome. As a leadership team, we are beyond blessed to be able to give the RYNOs the opportunity to give back. It feeds the soul, creates happiness, and makes for an even stronger culture.

2020 was a unique and challenging year. As we continue into 2021, how is RYNO helping contractors adapt to the new normal? 

We actually believe 2020 was a great year for the home services industry. Now the entire world knows that we are essential businesses. The majority of RYNO contractors  had a ridiculously successful year, and it’s rolled right into this year. We are foot to the floor on being aggressive in their markets with the right offers, and it’s working exactly as we expected. Let’s just hope the manufacturers can keep up. 

As RYNO continues to expand, where do you see the business growing over the next 5 years? 

We will stay in our digital lane and continue chasing the technology on behalf of our customers. We will also be acquiring other companies in the home services space to build out our offering. RYNO was a huge event in the home services industry, and we will build that out to be even more meaningful with more touchpoints throughout the year.  

What is the best part of working with HVACR contractors and helping them find success? 

100% the people. I’ve said that since the very beginning of the company nearly 14 years ago. I love blue collar contractors. They make it easy to want to help them grow. 

Why is partnering with ACCA important to your company? 

This partnership just made sense. Our goal of serving the HVAC contractors and helping them grow is the northern star. We believe our values match and that together, we can help not only elevate each other, but elevate the industry as a whole. We love our ACCA family. 

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