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Each year contractors make the investment in their companies to attend the annual ACCA Conference and Indoor Air Expo. This year is no exception as the event rolls into the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 5 – 8.

It’s a Sure Thing

Without a doubt, the annual conference has more education and training opportunities for contractors under one roof, which is why so many contractors come back year after year. When ACCA rolls into Las Vegas we’re prepared to host over 35 learning labs, some being 90 minutes long and others 45 minutes long, with some of the top contractors, trainers, manufacturers, and suppliers in the industry.

On top of the entire break out learning labs, there are two keynote speakers that will cover more broad topics to help you get the most out this event.

“There is always a great variety of learning labs to choose from when I go to the conference,” says Robbie Negron of Pacific Air Systems in Lakewood, Wash. “There is something for everyone and you don’t have to go to classes that don’t pertain to things you do in your business.”

This year, Tommy Spaulding is going to share with contractors how focusing on the “return on relationships” (ROR) can be much more powerful than focusing on return on investment in a high energy opening keynote. He’ll help contractors figure out how to break down the silos, build solid customer relationships, and start having their business goals come more easily.

Everyone has vision, but is it too narrow for your business to expand? In an insightful closing session, Erik Wahl will show contractors how to break apart traditional thinking to utilize unconventional wisdom and build a vision for their future.

[note type=”tip”]“ACCA brings some of the best presenters to the conference. Everything I’ve attended in the past has been great. The keynotes are always energizing, so I expect nothing different from this year.” Rhett Prosser, Waccamaw Heating and Cooling[/note]

Tie these all together with the annual Contractor/CEO Forum and the contractor-only Townhall Meeting, and you will be ready to go all in on the conference. You can learn more about these events at

High Stakes Learning

This year, ACCA is holding a special High Stakes Learning event on the last day of the conference that is only for those who are serious about taking their business to the next level of success.

On March 8, Jason Young, a former senior level manager with Southwest Airlines, is going to help contractors work on their company culture, so that everyone from the owner to the customer; understands and gets the high level experience they expect.

During this half day session, Young will show contractors that the key to building a strong, customer-friendly culture is intentionally identifying and developing the essential factors that impact performance: leadership principles, management practices, team alignment, and employee behavior.

This session is limited to 300 people only, so you must pre-register for this session when you are registering for conference.

Double Down

In addition to a full learning lab schedule, general sessions, and special events; the Indoor Air Expo, which is co-sponsored by ACCA and The Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), provides another level of business building.

This year’s Expo is over 33,000 square feet of exhibit space and to date has over 150 exhibitors that will be showcasing the newest and best products to help you move your company to the next level of success.

“I’m looking forward to the Indoor Air Expo, because it gives me a chance to have some one-on-one time with the vendors I work with,” say Prosser. “Many of the vendors bring new products to the expo as well, so I get to have a hands-on first look at them before I start offering them to my customers.”

If you haven’t signed up to exhibit, there is still some time to get into the show. All you need to do is contact Tom Murphy at tom.murphy@ and he will help you get a space. Don’t wait though; last year’s Expo was sold out!

No Limits

As with most things in life, you only get out what you put into an event. And from what contractors tell us, they learn a lot each year.

But how exactly will you implement those ideas when you get back to hustle and bustle of daily HVACR contracting? The key is prioritizing and step-by-step implementation, which you can start before you ever leave on your trip. Check out the full schedule of learning labs at and select the learning labs you want to attend. Making a plan before your leave will help you maximize your learning and networking time.

Of course, the best ways to make sure you implement all that you learned is to review the learning labs and share them with staff that couldn’t attend the event. And lucky for attendees, if they registered before December 15, they will get a free learning labs DVD sent to them after the conference, so they can do just that. If you registered after that, don’t worry, you can still buy a copy of the DVD when you get to Las Vegas. It will be well worth the investment, because no matter how hard you try, you won’t remember everything you learned and having the DVD as a reference will help you get all the good ideas you took home put into action. Learn more and register now for the 2012 ACCA Conference.

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