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Providing Technicians and Contractors with the Tools They Need

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Infinity Purifier

The HVAC industry is constantly evolving. And with this evolution, it is important to ensure equipment manufacturers are providing their network of contractors and technicians with the tools that they need to succeed and propel their businesses into the future.

At Carrier, we take it upon ourselves to constantly reinvent how we do business with our channel. We strive to improve the user experience of our products and resources in order to give our channel every advantage in the segment. Not only do we offer resources that our contractors can seamlessly implement in their businesses such as collateral materials, video and social content and various turn-key programs, but we also offer solutions for technicians.

By providing tools for our technicians in the field, they are better able to do their jobs without having to stop what they’re doing and search endlessly for answers. We have readily accessible product data, tech tip videos and a field support team standing by to offer guidance and troubleshooting tips. Plus, we furnish our dealers and distributors with a number of apps that can help them with customer FAQs, installation information and diagnosis advice. We make sure that most of this information can be accessed right from their smart devices.

We also take into account the technicians’ role of servicing and maintaining our products during the development process. For instance, when we launched the Infinity® 26 air conditioner and Infinity® 24 heat pump, we put ourselves in the technicians’ shoes and devised ways to improve their efficiency when servicing and maintaining our equipment.

We made Bluetooth® technology available on the outdoor unit, making it unnecessary to access outdoor unit diagnostic information inside the home. Plus, the equipment is compatible with a service app for technicians that includes the fault history of the unit, system parameters and interactive fault trees. Over-the-air software updates are available, and technicians can assess over 130 diagnostic points. Additionally, the equipment features two-wire installation, is self- configuring and zoning-capable, and installations can use up to 250 equivalent feet of refrigerant line length. We also offer virtual reality, 3D simulation training, as well as online troubleshooting and training modules.

As we continue to strive to make installation and service on our equipment easier and more efficient for technicians, the Infinity 26 and Infinity 24 will serve as the framework for future product launches.

It’s important to ensure technicians are as productive in the field as they can be, and we take every measure to help provide the tools for that to happen.

Braden Cook

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