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Next Level: Recruiting and Skill Development

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Learn to inspire top performance from your team at ACCA’s Next Level conference, the amplified successor to ACCA Fall Meetings. With a tailored focus on service managers, operations managers, learning and development managers, and other HVACR leaders, this conference will level up your leadership prowess with three specialized tracks: Recruitment and Skill Development, Effective Team Leadership, and Strategy and Communication.

At Next Level, you’re not confined to a single track. Tailor your experience by selecting from various sessions aligned with your professional goals. Each session is carefully curated to meet the needs of HVAC leaders at all levels, helping you overcome industry challenges and boost performance within an efficient day-and-a-half timeline. Read below to learn more about the Recruiting and Skill Development track.

Recruiting and Skill Development

Building a great team is the key to every successful business. Our Recruiting and Skill Development track will give you the skills to tackle big questions in the hiring process, such as talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, workplace culture, and more. This track will also focus on the importance of training in the industry to take your team to the next level.

In an industry that’s evolving rapidly, one thing remains constant – the need for highly skilled professionals who can deliver quality work and excellent customer service. At Next Level, we’ve designed our Recruitment and Skill Development track specifically to provide you with actionable strategies and proven tactics for hiring and training the best in the business.

From learning how to spot top talent to understanding how to provide career-defining training that sets your team apart, this track will empower you to redefine your company’s approach to talent acquisition and development. Our seasoned experts will share their experiences, insights, and success stories that will inspire and guide you to develop a robust talent pipeline for your business. Check out some of our featured sessions below.

Featured Sessions

Recruiting with a Sales Mindset   Mark Mullane, TR Miller Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing

There are many misconceptions about recruiting employees that leave both hiring managers and candidates frustrated and unsatisfied. The job market is hotter than ever, and the contractors that don’t adapt will die. In this session, I will de-mystify the recruitment process by drawing on the parallels between the recruitment process and the sales process in the HVAC world. This will empower attendees to revolutionize their recruitment process by utilizing skills they already have to recruit higher quality candidates faster. By using the same terminology, KPIs, and mindset as a salesperson, the recruiters in any organization can be transformed into efficient hiring machines. I will compare the installation sales pipeline to the recruitment pipeline, sales leads to applicants, close rates to hire rates, and more. By exposing the key metrics to a successful recruiter in an easy-to-understand way, owners and managers will be able to easily diagnose shortcomings in their own recruitment funnel as easily as they can with their sales funnel.

Recruiting and Retaining Generation Z – Why They Learn Differently Than You   Clifton Beck, ESCO Institute

Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, is the demographic cohort that comes after Millennials and was born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s. This generation grew up in a world that was shaped by technology, social media, and the internet, which has had a profound impact on their learning style. Here are some reasons why Gen Z learns differently: Digital Natives: Gen Z is the first generation that has grown up in a world where technology is ubiquitous. They are “digital natives” who have been exposed to technology from an early age and are comfortable with using it to learn and communicate. Short Attention Spans: Gen Z has grown up in a world of instant gratification and short attention spans. They are used to getting information quickly and are not as patient when it comes to long lectures or traditional teaching methods. Multitasking: Gen Z is skilled at multitasking and can easily switch between different devices and applications. They are used to consuming multiple streams of information simultaneously, which can make traditional teaching methods seem slow and tedious. Visual Learners: Gen Z is a highly visual generation that is accustomed to receiving information through images and videos. They prefer visual aids and interactive content over traditional textbooks and lectures. Collaborative Learning: Gen Z is more likely to work in groups and collaborate with peers than previous generations. They prefer to learn from each other and share knowledge, rather than relying solely on teachers or textbooks. In conclusion, Gen Z learns differently due to their exposure to technology, short attention spans, multitasking abilities, preference for visual aids, and collaborative learning styles. As the world continues to evolve, it is important for contractors to adapt their onboarding and retention methods to meet the needs of this new generation of learners.

Equip Your Installers for Excellence   Wes Davis, ACCA

Angry customers, they’re the worst! No one likes to get a late-night call that the new system your company installed isn’t working. Too often owners and managers rely on their technicians and installers based on their expertise and experience. Often, they deliver. But how do you know when they did, or when they didn’t? And how will potential customers know they can count on every member of your team to deliver?

You can’t be on every jobsite, but smart connected tools allow installers to fine tune system performance and help managers review the quality of their work. They also enable third-party verification with ACCA Quality Installation certificates that help you sell more comprehensive upgrades and prove to customers and efficiency programs that you’ve done the job right.

Hear firsthand how remote objective third-party verification can equip your team for success.

Understanding Generation Z   Ty Branaman, Aether HVAC Training

Many of us, maybe even most of us, have a hard time understanding Gen Z, so I spent a year learning everything I could. Gen Z is expected to be a big part of our workforce and customer base. I would like to share with you what I learned as I believe it will help you, your business, and the future of our industry. I certainly don’t have all the answers and can’t cover a year’s worth of study in an hour. I do believe the insight I have will benefit you, and this industry I love so much. Nobody else is going to solve the problem; it’s up to us!

Put the Fun Back in FUNdamentals    Ty Branaman, Aether HVAC Training

Tired of powerpoint slides? Need some ideas? Come with an open mind and let’s bring some magic to your training room. The fundamentals are the most important thing we can teach. Your team’s understanding of fundamentals forms the foundation of your in-house training program and, ultimately, your company’s reputation. The challenge is conveying this to your team in a format that helps them understand and absorb it. If the students are not learning, we are not teaching. There is not a one size fits all solution. This presentation is to inspire you, give you some ideas, tools, and methods that can help you present these important concepts to your team.

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Strategy and Communication

Register for Next Level now! Early-bird pricing is open through August 31, 2023. 

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