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New Manufacturer Releases For The 2013 Cooling Season

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What’s the word of the day? In short, it all about efficiency. Energy prices are rising and will likely continue to do so for many years, perhaps even many decades to come. But what does all of this mean for consumers, manufacturers, and business alike? In part, it means eliminating inefficient devices whenever possible. Just as the average person can save a bundle by switching to energy efficient appliances, the same, of course, holds true for businesses both large and small.

Today’s modern commercial refrigeration equipment, HVAC systems, and heat pumps are zeroing in on a future that is obsessed with efficiency, and this change is demonstrated through upcoming product releases. Forward thinking companies know that energy prices could creep ever higher in the future. Customers will demand products that can save them money and, at the same time, cut down on their carbon footprint.

Let’s explore some of the more innovative cooling products available from some of the industry’s top companies including Taco, Jackson Systems, Fujitsu, Trane, Rheem, and ClimateMaster. These products and companies are doing more than meeting a need. As it turns out, they are also helping to lead the way in helping create a more energy-efficient tomorrow.

A Closer Look at Taco’s New LOFlo™ Injection Mixing System

Any conversation about cooling and efficiency should include Taco and their new and innovative LOFlo injection mixing system. This system works to enhance the energy efficiency of chilled beam systems and does so with exceptional results. When compared to traditional HVAC systems’ radiant cooling and chilled beam systems, the LOFlo reduces electrical energy demand and consumption by a staggering 10 fold. In the past, the challenge has been that pump energy demand doubles. But thanks to Taco’s new LoFlo injection  mixing system, this problem is solved and in what can only be called dramatic fashion.

There are other key features that help make the LOFlo a true stand out. The mixing block consists of a variable speed injection circulator and a constant-speed zone circulation. Additionally, LOFlo reduces electrical energy demand of an all-air system by up to 40 percent. This is all accomplished via a chilled beam BTU transport, which uses only one-third of the energy needed by chilled beam systems without injection mixing. It is thus safe to state that injection mixing is making a substantial difference.

New Innovations from Fujitsu

Fujitsu has built a reputation on both quality products and innovation. This industry leader continues to impress with new innovations in cooling that are sure to garner a good deal of attention. Fujitsu General America will continue to turn heads, thanks to the introduction of a new, Halcyon split-system heat pump line.

This new line achieves up to 27.2 SEER, which makes them the most energy efficient mini-splits on the market. How efficient? The new Halcyon split-system heat pump line has twice the DOE’s minimum efficiency standard of 13 SEER. The new RLS2 line of heat pumps offers 9, 12, and 15,000 BTU models with increased heating performance, newly designed chassis, and the ESP energy saving program.

Like all the manufacturers we are covering, Fujitsu General America understands the paramount importance of energy efficiency. As a result, the Halcyon system has been designed to turn itself off if occupants leave a room. When people return into the room, the system will return to its previous operating mode, saving considerably on heating and cooling. Additionally, the RLS2 line is 25 percent smaller than its competition and sports a sleek front panel. Yet, this is not the only breakthrough from Fujitsu.

The new Airstage™ V-II VRF is a new line of Variable Refrigerant Flow, or VRF, heat pumps that is a large capacity, zoned heat pump system with operational efficiencies up to 21.7 iEER (to AHRI 1230 standard). These capabilities make it a perfect fit for both small and large buildings. High efficiency is achieved by using a single DC inverter-controlled, twin rotary compressor per condenser.

The system also boasts a total pipe length of nearly 3,300 feet. The heating operating range spans ambient temperatures from 75°F to as low as -5°F, while rated cooling capacity remains constant with outdoor temperatures from 115°F to 14°F. Indoor units also come in a variety of sizes including wall mount, cassette, compact duct, floor/ceiling mounted, and high static pressure duct.

Key Features of the Airstage™

  • V-II VRF
  • Web monitoring capability
  • Low noise design
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • Peak cut operation

New Breakthroughs Courtesy of Jackson Systems

Increasingly heating and cooling efficiency comes in many forms. Whether its heat pumps, HVAC systems, or a range of cooling equipment, businesses that incorporate the latest advancements in efficiency technology stand to save and save tremendously year after year. One way to save comes in the form of adopting the latest thermostat technology. After all, what better way to increase efficiency than to not use energy in the first place? This factor is what makes an innovation like the T-32-TS Wireless Thermostat so intriguing.

The T-32-TS incorporates BACnet communication protocol and offers tremendous savings. It is perfect for situations where there are not enough wires or where running wires would be both cost prohibitive and/or difficult. Some of the key feature of this innovative thermostat:

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen thermostat is completely wireless
  • Battery powered
  • Wireless communication to heating and
  • cooling equipment
  • Universal- 3H/2C
  • Can easily be used with wireless sensors
  • Intuitive touchscreen design
  • Programmable or non-programmable
  • options
  • Manual or auto changeover
  • Large, easy to read backlit display

Innovations from Trane

Trane is a leader in heating and cooling and continues to innovate in a range of important ways. With their 2013 product releases, this company will enable customers to save money by using energy more effectively and also through new more energy-efficient products.

The Trane Axiom™ variable-speed water source heat pumps include vertical configurations and also sport the industry’s first horizontal WSHP for commercial applications. There are many reasons that the Trane Axiom™ is turning heads. For example, the Trane WSHPs are the only commercial units capable of full integra also rank among the most efficient.

The Trane Axiom™ also incorporates eFlex™ technology designed to boost efficiency. This is achieved in part through Trane-developed algorithms, which are designed to take full advantage of eFlex™ technology. The eFlex compressor and fan technology adjusts to changing load demands and then varies fan speed to facilitate optimized energy consumption. This also serves to improve reliability and reduce noise levels.

Taking a Closer Look at Rheem Prestige™

Those looking for energy efficient products know to look for the ENERGY STAR® label. With the Rheem’s Prestige™ Series of high efficiency commercial package units, Rheem hasn’t just meet ENERGY STAR® standards, but has, in fact, exceeded them by a full 10 percent. In doing so, their new Prestige™ line has met the Consortium of Energy Efficiency unitary air conditioning Tier 2 specification. The end result is a high efficiency commercial package that operates more efficiency and helps customers reach the payback point on their investment with greater speed.

The Rheem Prestige™ line has many notable features and technologies that have helped it earn a place on our list of releases for the 2013 cooling season. Some of the notable highlights of the Rheem Prestige™ are:

  • Higher EER-10.8 EER is the minimum.
  • A variable frequency drive lowers the speed of the fan and this, in turn, reduces the amount of energy used by a factor of 8.
  • Incorporates a new heat transfer technology and innovation in the form of Microchannel coil technology, which allows for more heat transfer in a smaller space.
  • DDC controls that can be used from a flip phone or iPhone. This control panel offers advanced control with LCD screen and communications. It is possible to control everything from the comfort of any computer.

ClimateMaster’s Tranquility 22® Two-Stage Compact Series

ClimateMaster’s Tranquility 22® Two-Stage Compact Series was designed to be more efficient. To that end, they were able to exceed ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies with two-stage operation. The Tranquility 22® also uses EarthPure® (HFC-410A), which is a zero ozone depletion refrigerant. This factor helps make the Tranquility 22® a standout product for those looking for a greener and more eco-friendly refrigeration option.

Additional Key Facts for the Tranquility 22®

  • Available in sizes from 2 tons through 5 tons.
  • One of the industry’s smallest footprints, helping to facilitate installation in a range of locations.
  • Features iGate® technology that uses two-way communication to provide a gateway into the system. This gives users as well as contractors the ability to monitor the performance of the unit and address issues and customize operation directly from the thermostat.

This Year’s Cooling Season

With so many costs fixed in the current market, reducing monthly energy expenditures isn’t just an attractive option, but is instead nothing short of a must. These six companies are doing a great deal to make 2013 an exciting year for the industry. New technologies, approaches, and developments are yielding greater efficiencies and, in the process, assisting customers to save considerably on ever-rising energy bills.

Marisa Alexander

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