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Just Do It!

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Apply the Nike slogan to your business and see what tremendous results it can generate. Of course the slogan I am referring to is “Just Do It.”

So, here we go:

Have you thought about getting into to home performance testing, but just have not gotten around to it yet? Just Do It (JDI)

What would it look like if you had your sales team applied it to your sales follow up calls? I bet it could make a huge difference in sales numbers, closing ratio and company earnings to name few. JDI

Have you signed up to attend the ACCA Building Performance Forum in October yet? JDI

How about applying it to collections? I think you would agree any money that comes in when it looks like it may not is good for the bottom line. JDI

Are you educating your customers on how important it is to look at the big picture and not just replace the unit? JDI

Terminating an underperforming or problem  employee?  How much better would your team be if you took action. These folks usually have an impact on more people than you could imagine. JDI

Have you trained your service technicians and replacement sales people to look for the key signs that the home is having indoor air quality issues? JDI

Do you have an exit strategy for your business? JDI

Are you using social media to let people know that you are a quality contractor and what it is that separates you from the competitors that are not? JDI

Are you working on a plan to acquire a business? JDI

Do you have information and videos on your website about home performance? JDI

Have you joined a mix group yet? JDI

Have you attended business meetings and seminars like ACCA national? JDI

By now you can see that what I am referring to are some of the more challenging things we deal with as managers. Of course they are not fun and sometimes stressful, which is why we don’t always do them as quickly as we should have in the first place. But the one thing I have found out is if I “Just do it” the minute I do I feel better and my stress is reduced almost immediately.

This is in no way a complete and comprehensive list, just some of the ones that I came up with and I am sure I missed a few important ones. I am working on a few of these myself and you can see that home performance is mentioned more than once. I recently signed up to go to ACCA Building Performance Forum and will be attending with a couple of key employees. Many of you may have already accomplished some or all of the examples I have included. Congratulations! I am sure you have another list of items where you could apply this and it will help take you to the next level of success.

Remember that some of these things will need to be done by others in your organization and some will require a meeting or two to make sure you handle them properly. They should not be done without planning. But I am sure that if you do the ones that are on your list and pick them off one at a time you end up in a much better place. The key take away for you is to create your list of things you have been putting off and start your plan to “Just do it.”

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