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It’s Easy to Make Money Recycling Refrigerants

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Reclaiming, or recycling, used refrigerant that is recovered in the field is not only the right and legal thing to do, it’s extremely easy!  Refrigerants, such as R-22, R-134a, R-410a, R-123, R-11, that have been used in HVAC equipment can be reclaimed back to AHRI 700 spec and sold again, which means there is a value in your refrigerant recovery adding additional profitability to each job you do.

There are no viable reasons to vent refrigerants, not only is it illegal, but it’s also letting dollars float up to the sky.

ASPEN Refrigerants is the largest refrigerant reclaimer in the US and we offer our customers multiple ways to cash in on their recovered refrigerant.  We work with businesses who have 30 lbs cylinders of refrigerants, all the way up to the largest chiller plants that have 30,000 lbs + of refrigerant to reclaim.  Our customers are diverse, but they all have one thing in common; they want to get paid to do the right thing.

The value of a used refrigerant is based on its availability in the market.  We are currently going into what can be considered the 4th generation of refrigerants, and therefore the most valuable refrigerants are the first 2 generations: CFCs and HCFCs.  CFC refrigerants such as R-12, R-500, R-114, R-11, and R-113 were phased out of production and importation to the US in 1996.   CFCs are the most valuable refrigerants that we buyback because they are the scarcest, and there is equipment out there still using CFCs.

The next generation of refrigerants are the HCFCs, the most dominant being R-22 and R-123.  HCFCs are found in multiple applications across the country and are a large part the installed base of HVAC equipment.  HCFCs were phased out in 2020, so they are still the dominant refrigerant in use and have a lot of value.

The 3rd generation of refrigerants are the HFCs like R-134a and R-410a.  These refrigerants are just about to be phased out in the US.  HFCs have historically had low economic value due to their abundance and relatively low cost to procure.  This is all about to change as we know that HFCs are a big contributor to the buildup of Greenhouse Gasses in our atmosphere.  Going forward, HFCs will be treated like the previous generations of refrigerants their reclamation is vital and so will their value.

ASPEN Refrigerants makes it easy for anyone to return refrigerant to us and get paid.  We have a process to work with you regardless of what your roll in the HVAC industry is. For all customers we handle all logistics arrangements, provide reports on the refrigerant received and send payment quickly so you can turn your recovered refrigerants from a liability to be managed into a financial asset.

Residential Contractors

  • You service multiple small HVAC systems and recover small quantities of gas at each location.
  • ASPEN can provide recovery cylinders.
  • You have dedicated cylinders for each type of refrigerant that you handle.
  • When you are ready to return cylinders you call ASPEN, we pick it up, we send back like for like cylinders so you can continue your recovery work.
  • You get paid on the refrigerant we receive.

Commercial Contractors

  • You service and replace large chiller systems.
  • To save time and labor call our service department to come on site and recover the refrigerant from the chiller.
  • There is no refrigerant recovery job that is too big, and no one that can do it faster.
  • We provide everything from cylinders, freight, proprietary equipment to manpower.

Whether you do the recovery, or we help once the refrigerant is processed a check will be sent out to you.

Don’t let a middleman take a cut of your profits sell your recovered refrigerants directly to ASPEN and cash in on doing the right thing! To get started reclaiming with ASPEN contact or

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