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Introducing the Toolshed

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Live, daily training for your field technicians

Your techs are your most valuable asset — when they thrive, your business thrives. But like professional athletes, technicians need regular and consistent training to maintain peak performance.

The problem.

As contractors, we know how difficult daily technician training can be. Daily training is a huge investment. Not only is there the expense of facilitating it. But it is time-consuming and effort-intensive – no home service contractor has extra time or energy to waste.

Filming of ToolshedOur solution.

Schedule Engine has teamed up with the best trainers in the industry, Eddie McFarlane, and his expert partner, Jerry Rollins, to deliver daily live-streamed sessions that help support contractors and empower technicians. Every episode is designed to help technicians sharpen their skills, improve their performance and build a fulfilling career.

Whether they’re watching live or on-demand, these 15-minute impactful episodes arm your technicians with one key takeaway each morning that can be easily implemented throughout their day.

The BIG picture.

The Toolshed is a way for Schedule Engine to give back to an industry that has given so much to us by creating a community of camaraderie and support for field technicians while promoting fulfilling careers in the trades and leveling up the home service customer experience. It is designed to complement all the great coaching organizations and training programs out there. By amplifying and reinforcing the work being done across the industry, Toolshed aims to develop happier, more confident techs, increased customer satisfaction, and higher sales and retention.

Toolshed TeaserHow to get involved.

Join Schedule Engine and the growing community of trade professionals in the Toolshed Facebook Group and tune in live at 7 AM EST Monday through Thursday until May 27th. Catch up on the latest episodes on-demand in the Toolshed Facebook Group or on Schedule Engine’s YouTube Channel when you have a break!

Consider this spring training for your service techs, on Schedule Engine.

Schedule Engine

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