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Cybersecurity Expert Nick Espinosa to Present at ACCA’s Fall Meetings

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The Colonial Pipeline ransom attack, where one of the largest pipelines in the United States was taken, led seventeen states and Washington, D.C. to declare a state of emergency. The loss of income and other damages resulting from these types of attacks are costly. Since then, the Colonial Pipeline hired leading, third-party cybersecurity experts to investigate.

HVACR contractors have been victimized in similar attacks. These criminals take control of key company information and often hold it for ransom, demanding millions of dollars to have it released. Companies lose time, money, and more working to resolve these attacks. Prevention is key, because often the criminals’ entry point is a relatively simple weakness that is easy to address before an attack happens − if you know where to look.

As cyberattacks become more aggressive and more common, investing in equally aggressive cybersecurity measures is the key preventative measure. But often, business leaders do not know what they really need. Companies must explore the opportunities available to ensure their companies are safe. That is where having access to expert knowledge and guidance can save you time and money.

To help you navigate this crucial issue, ACCA has invited Nick Espinosa, chief security fanatic with Security Fanatics, to present cybersecurity sessions during ACCA’s Fall Meetings in New Orleans. His presentation will take a deep dive into corporate security and the issues companies face.

During the Office and Operations Managers Forum on November 1-2, Espinosa will focus on corporate security and how contractors can make appropriate connections and establish secure systems and procedures. Using real-world examples and preventative measures, he will help contractors learn more about how to protect themselves from similar attacks.

For the Service Managers Forum on November 2-3, Espinosa will address the problems and issues that arise from a mobile workforce, and the best ways to secure and defend the remote worker and the job site.

While investing in technology, software, and other third-party security measures is an excellent first step, Espinosa will help contractors understand the importance of focusing on technology, process, and people to combat cyberattacks.

ACCA’s Fall Meetings will be held November 1-3 in New Orleans. Register now or find more information at

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