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IE3 The Week of September 6: Here’s What Happened

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What’s the plan? If you don’t have one for 2016, you are officially behind the 8 ball. But, don’t worry, you still have time to put a plan in place. Learn what several contractors are doing to ensure that 2016 is their best year. Read it.

ROI. That is what everyone is looking at, especially when it comes to training. Contractors want to know that when they pay for training, their team members are getting value. Frank Besednjak says that’s not too hard if you follow a few simply steps. Read it.

Credit card storage. There has been a lot of news about identity theft and personal information being compromised. So, it’s no surprise that we got a question about whether or not it’s OK to store credit card information. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins clears up the confusion in her latest Legal Toolbox. Read it.

What’s the hype? There is a new product on the scene called Mistbox and it’s getting some buzz. But, is it really worth all the hype? Building Science Expert, Allison Bailes takes a look at the product and explains what it does and if it will really work. Read it.

An open door. Last week the Fourth District Court of Appeals rules that businesses can file suit under Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trades Act. What does this mean for contractors? ACCA’s Hilary Atkins explains. Read it.

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